The website has been in existence now for a few years and we have helped and supported a significant number of people with TMAU. Our hope is that we can continue to do this for many years to come.

The motivation for creating the website was purely so other people with TMAU could quickly find help and support. I was one of the first people in the UK to be diagnosed in the UK back in the early 1990's and there was simply no one I could turn to at that time.

Up to this point the hosting, development, design and maintenance has been paid for by me. I estimate the financial costs to have been in excess of over £1,500. This would have been greater had I not done most of the work myself (what a learning curve!), however I have reached the limit of my knowledge and have recently had to pay for professional web design companies to resolve various issues. I am therefore asking for donations to try and cover any future costs (I am not seeking to recoup money already spent)

Donations are extremely important to us and greatly appreciated, however everyone is welcome on this website regardless of their ability to donate.

As a result of a website poll (see homepage) we would suggest the following donation amounts: (based on a yearly figure)

£5 - Sutdents,OAPs,Under 18s,Unemployed

£10 - Employed

Donate an amount of your choice (any amount is appreciated)

Many thanks all.