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the looks and tmau

Postby funny » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:49 pm

Hello, i am a woman and my whole life ive heard i look pretty. But since the age of 12 my life was a hell, because since then i smell bad. I had everything, a lof of friends, good family and high scores at school. But when i heard constantly that i smell bad i became a different person, from a extravert happy girl to a unsure introvert girl. I was hating my life and still i do. Now at the age of 34 i still cannot accept this disease. I know i look pretty but because of the smell i am afraid to wear pretty clothes its just almost black so that people cannot see me. Because people say things like she is beautifull but she smells horrible or something. I cannot go out and party, i cannot study of have the job i wanted. And i am afraid for a relationship. i really dont know how to became the old me that was allways happy and extravert. This ugly disease make me a different person and make my life to a hell. I just cannot handle it and ps. I cannot smell myself. Thats why i am sure i have tmau.
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Re: the looks and tmau

Postby sacrosanct » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:17 pm

1. There are many disorders that can cause body odour. Just because you cannot smell yourself doesn't immediately mean you have Trimethylaminuria. So first things first, go to your GP, tell them about your problems, and get tested for Trimeylthaminuria. You can't start to solve problems until you difinitively know what they are.

2. There is actually a lot of research being undertaken into TMAU at the moment. After being banded into the whole Atherosclerosis arena, people are actually trying to find therapeutics to treat it. It might not seem like things are moving fast, but when you consider the first diagnosed case of TMAU was in the 1970's, and very little was done for 4 decades, things are generally looking up.

3. I am 30, have primary Trimethylaminuria and a PhD. Take it from me, its much easier in what I would term 'transient contact' (where you see different people for an hour or so each day) than having to sit in an office next to the same people day in day out.

4. The transient contact experienced when 'going out and partying' is of the same ilk. I go out to punk rock gigs all the time, and take it from me, most of them wouldn't know a bar of soap if you smashed them in the face with it. If you're willing to accept other people for what they are, they generally return the favour in kind.

5. Don't think in a defeatist way. Put your energies into solving your problems. Go to the GP, get tested. If you have Trimthylaminuria there is a whole host of options for you to try. Some work for some people, some work for others.

I know this is probably not what you want to hear right now, but this a a true story of my own. When I got my TMAU confirmation I text my manager asking for a meeting, telling him I had been to the doctors and got bad news and was currently half way through a 20 deck of Berkley Menthol. I walked in on Monday, sat my manager down and explained everything to him.....He burst out laughing. Not because of what I had told him, but because he thought they'd told me I was dying the way I was carrying on. We walked out of my meeting and I carried on my work as usual, my world completely unchanged to what it was like before. And in case you're wondering, the highest TMA/TMAO oxide ratio I have received back to date is circa 70%.

Think positively, good things will happen.
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