Am I Another Sufferer?

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Am I Another Sufferer?

Postby johnb0203 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:45 pm

I am another person who has been suffering from a bad body odour since I was in my teens. It seemed to start at puberty in my groin and penis because I have no recollection of it affecting me as a child. I could smell an odour being emitted which was strong enough to be smelled through my clothes. I have been to see different GPs and they insist because they cannot smell anything, it must be a psychological problem and I have been referred to a psychiatrist. Like many others on here, it makes my life a misery. I work with the military as a civilian and although nobody has complained about my body odour, I know from their reaction to me that something is wrong. Some days it appears to be okay. Today, they did not want to be in the same room as me.

When I was younger I was told by a colleague that I smelled funny and later on I was in a pub when an individual commented that there was a smell like burning fish not long after I had walked in. I haven't been tested or diagnosed with TMAU yet, but I know it for a fact that I have some form of TMAU.

I have tried to live my life to the full and I am married. My wife does not seem to be able to smell anything and my grown up children have never commented on it. I am not sure if my own wider family notice either or they are just being polite.

It is an horrendous thing to have grown up with. You are always very conscious that other people can smell you. I am very hygienic showering at least twice a day and I always change my clothes but I never feel clean because of the smell which I am not sure if I can smell myself or I have become desensitised to it.

I have lost confidence in going to the doctor's again because my previous visits have been brushed aside.

It leads to social inclusion and I have used avoidance patterns in the past to stay away from people. I rarely eat out, go to the cinema or travel on public transport. Going away on holiday is a nightmare especially if you have to fly. It is so stressful which probably makes the smell worse.

One day I will have to pluck up the courage and return to the doctor unless I want to spend the rest of my life with this problem.

Thanks for reading my story.

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Re: Am I Another Sufferer?

Postby sun-flowers » Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:47 pm

Hi John,
I can totally relate to your story, Ive been suffering from bad body odour for around 9yrs now, I can't smell myself but get told I smell of fish, faeces, horse manure etc and I have become quite isolated too.

I plucked up courage and went to my GP 4yrs ago and told her I think I have TMAU and could I be tested for it, my GP's exact words were 'Ive never heard of it (she then googled it), that's ridiculous! its very rare you won't have that', after suffering another 4yrs I thought I would try again by this time I had changed GP surgery, I printed some info about TMAU from the internet and showed my GP, she read it and agreed to get me tested. I was finally diagnosed TMAU positive last month.

I have researched this disorder for many years and read in one article that around 7% of people can not smell TMA I don't know how true these figures are but it makes sense to me as most people can smell me but there are a few that seem to be immune (mainly family members), which could be the same in your case.

I would say to anyone that is having trouble getting tested to keep trying, it's a very slow process but hopefully someone will eventually listen to you.

Good Luck.
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