Hi everyone, seriously going crazy!!!

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Hi everyone, seriously going crazy!!!

Postby Julieb » Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:46 pm

Hi all, I have just found this fantastic website after seriously going crazy for the last year.
Ive got far too many questions to ask, but coz of lack of knowledge from Dr., I'm completely in the dark.
My story is, I noticed around 3 years ago I started having horrendous heartburn stupidly I just ignored it. At the same time I can honestly say, my work colleagues (dinner ladies) very rarely showed a sign that there was any smell coming from me. I think I only noticed anyone backing off maybe twice in a year. I couldn't smell anything myself.
Then last summer children randomly said when around me they can smell rotten eggs but not really strong. I went on holiday to Tenerife and found I could smell a horrible spicy smell when was sweating in heat with suntan cream on.
No one around me showed any signs of smelling me. Blissfully ignorant still I returned to England and back to job.
I started having really dark smelly urine and had checks all back nothing (ultrasound). At Christmas had a camera down throat and colonoscopy because I'm seriously anaemic. Colonoscopy all ok but oesophagus burnt with bleeding!!!!
It's definite since having those two investigations the smell has definitely got worse and much more often so as people have started having flaring nostrils around me. All this time I was eating pure junk food and constant sweets chocolate.
When I was at work 3 weeks ago, I suddenly smelt the most horrendous rotten egg smell that took 15 minutes to disperse. I started looking up and found this.
I am trying low choline diet and smell is reduced just drinking water but am losing loads of weight because I'm probably only eating 500 calories a day.taking 3 charcoal tablets after every meal. I'm really worried about myself and diet but am so depressed and getting nowhere. I'm seperated from husband but share house. He said when I'm sitting for long time in kitchen he walks in and can smell terrible bo but I had just showered. Really feel down and am a recluse now.
Can someone please help me with diet etc
Thank you
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Re: Hi everyone, seriously going crazy!!!

Postby Lisa » Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:22 pm

Have PM you. x
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