The founder of Herbal Hills has devised a checklist to help

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The founder of Herbal Hills has devised a checklist to help

Postby malory » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:00 pm

The founder of Herbal Hills has devised a checklist to help those who are new to the community.

A starter checklist of tests for those with body odour that appears to have come ‘from nowhere’:

1. TMAU test (MUST be choline loaded: ie. 2 eggs + a can of baked beans the night before the test. Take first morning urine.). This should tell you whether you have TMAU1 or TMAU2. TMAU1 is genetic, and a low choline diet should be immediately started. TMAU2 is non-genetic. The underlying cause should be investigated (it could be any number of things, see below). See HOW TO GET TESTED HERE: (MEBO TMAU Test Program has been suspended until January 2016 due to construction. Anyone interested can fill out the requisition form to go on a waitlist) ... &Disease(s)/group%20of%20diseases=Trimethylaminuria&search=Clinical

If you are negative or diagnosed as TMAU2 on the TMAU urine test, your next steps should be (in no particular order):

2. Genova Diagnostics Complete GI test with parasitology [or other similar stool test]. Have a look on the Genova website, find a nutritionist/doctor in your area, and order the test. Expensive (approx £250 last we heard), but worth it. This should tell you whether you have a gut dysbiosis, as it profiles your gut bacteria, fungi and parasites.
Following this test, if you have been shown to have a significant issue with bacterial dysbiosis, fungi or parasites, work with your doctor/nutritionist to get rid, and re-balance the gut!

3. Colonoscopy for potential bowel prolapse. We’ve heard of several cases in which bowel prolapse has been thought to be an underlying cause of body odour.

4. Liver and kidney check – take blood tests to ensure your kidney and liver is functioning normally. Any disease or damage to the liver or kidneys can reduce the ability of your detoxification system to work at its best. If there is an ammonia smell particularly, the liver should be suspected. Also, ask your doctor to check for a Urea cycle disorder if the ammonia smell comes mainly after eating protein/meat meals.

5. Coeliac disease blood test. We’ve had many anecdotal instances of those with underlying coeliac disease who say that 1-2 days after eating wheat/gluten, they experience a ‘fecal’ body odour. So, it is worth checking out.

6. Constipation – see your doctor for the best way to treat this. Many people find Apple Cider vinegar capsules and a 500mg capsule of magnesium before bedtime can help relieve symptoms of mild constipation. If the constipation is very bad or longstanding, you should see your doctor immediately, and we’d heavily suggest a colonoscopy to check for potential issues in the gut.

7. Diet – an easy way to back check whether you have an issue with a single food, is to do an ‘elimination diet’. Some people claim that eliminating a single food (eg. Gluten for coeliacs) can stop their body odour in its tracks. We've heard people say restricting the amount of protein and/or dairy foods particularly beneficial, but we’d advise seeing a doctor or nutritionist before embarking on any sort of restrictive diet, as finding the underlying cause is important (eg. If you have coeliac disease, lactose intolerance or issues with protein digestion, you really should know why, and discover how best to treat for whatever condition you have).

8. Skin fungal issue. Particularly if there is itching and/or rash, and particularly if the itching and/or rash is in the groin, underarms and/or feet. Fungal issues on the skin can be very odorous. A dermatologist is the best one to check for this. We've heard people say that some skin fungal issues do not show any of the usual itching/rash symptoms. There are some over-the-counter antifungals which may be helpful, and Herbal Hill has some effective combination anti-fungals which they will be selling soon on

Other: Herbal Hill sells some very strong natural deodorants which some people may find useful ( ). Also we hear that products with some very effective natural anti-fungals will be selling on this site soon.
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Re: The founder of Herbal Hills has devised a checklist to help

Postby crystal » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:49 am

Thank you for posting this. Have you tried the products yourself? if so, how effective do you think they are?
It would be really useful to have any feedback from users of the product on this site.

I have tried many many products over the years and even just the smell of natural herbs or tea tree or coconut oil eventually mixes with my body odour and therefore makes my body odour smell more musty and pronounced.

I am so grateful that at last, a product of this nature exists out there! It's very exciting to see progression and see positive things happen rather than hearing, reading or watching sad stories that make you feel helpless. We should concentrate on the things that we can do to help us in our daily sufferings. Maybe there is something little that each of can do, each day, however small that may be. elevate our state of mind, become stronger in dealing with people who sniff and cough around us and to hold our heads high because we deserve to be treated like all fellow human beings.
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