Doubts about tmau diet

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Doubts about tmau diet

Postby Yeah » Thu May 28, 2015 9:54 am

Good morning!
I'm a new member of this community and I write here because I've doubts about tmau diet.
I want to ask these questions hoping that someone answer:
1) In a very low choline diet are permit green vegetables? If yes, what? I've read on some website that they are not.
2)Someone that has done a very low choline diet has eaten rice? White rice is permit?
3)In an old post I've read that Ellie girl, that has a severe tmau, eat also pasta and a kind of pizzas made with water and flour. But I've read that in a very low choline diet is not permit wheat.. So do you eat pasta and flour of which cereal?
4)All fruits are permit in a very low choline diet?

PS: Do you know how can I contact Ellie James?
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