Hi all

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Hi all

Postby catlon » Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:42 am

Hi all,

I'm new here. I have to say that having found this site I feel like it all really makes a lot of sense to me. I haven't got a TMAU diagnosis (yet) but I booked a doctor's appointment for today because I finally feel like "ok, here is this real condition that really sums up everything I've been experiencing, and maybe I'm not just going to sound completely crazy in there."
Reading all your stories about how nobody ever says anything to your face and so you have to just go on oblique comments and possibly misheard whispers makes me feel more confident in approaching a doctor with this issue, since this is also my experience. I can't smell myself so it just seemed crazy before to be going to a medical professional with "err, well, sometimes I think I hear people complain about me but it's really hard to be certain..." and so on and I was sure they'd just tell me to shower more regularly and wash my clothes or something (which I obviously know isn't the problem.)

I hope that I can at least get tested for TMAU and that I don't just come off as a hypochondriac in the surgery later. At least I barely ever go to the doctor for anything so it won't seem like I'm just trying to get attention or something (I hope). Wish me luck, I'm pretty nervous, haha. It would be so good to have a diagnosis to feel as though it's not something I'm somehow doing wrong and start trying out some treatments to see if I can improve the situation.
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Re: Hi all

Postby beautifulsoul39 » Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:46 pm

Hi good luck with the doctor hope you get the answers you want,its so hard for people to understand what we go for on a daily basis just to fit in there's a song by Stacy orico called dear friend it kinda sums how i felt,it was written about anorexia but i feel it relates to tmau a bit
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