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New User-long time sufferer

Postby IrishS » Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:08 pm

Hi Guys,
I've just been reading through lots of posts on here and it's comforting to know so many others are in the same boat.

I was diagnosed with Tmau around 5 years ago and although it horrified me to have a malodorous disorder, at least I knew I wasn't going bonkers after years of people rubbing noses, making sly comments in my company. I've been really struggling with the low choline diet and although I follow it religiously, I find that my symptoms of late are really bad which causes me to worry and be stressed, which in turn makes my symptoms worse.

I cannot smell myself but I do know from reactions of others that i do omit what must be an awful smell as people take a step back and sometimes cover their own noses when I speak. I am a teacher and certain children in my class actually cover their noses when I speak to them or approach them sometimes. This is slowly changing me as a person and making my job increasingly more challenging and stressful as I have 34 kids in the room with myself. Other teachers would often walk in and literally be taken aback by the smell in the room. In the staffroom the seats next to me are always free and even the thought of going on my break is a daily worry and fear. In a previous job selling natural products, I came in one day to find a 'Breath RX' sample on my desk which I have to say, crushed me.

I have told nobody of my diagnosis although my friends know. I am seeing Dr Treacy every few months in Dublin and she prescribes flagyl antibiotics for me, which I take every month around the time of my cycle, when I notice a really strong smell from my private parts. She has told me my levels are low and thata low choline diet should be fine, but I feel my symptoms are really bad and as I said, things are not working for me.

I have seen on an American bloodbourne site that a few people have tried a really low (under 100) choline diet, combined with B2, probiotics and various other supplements for breath etc and am just wondering if anyone has tried any sort of low choline diet/plan and has achieved success with it? I am thinking of sticking to foods such as rice milk, rice, berries, sweet potatoes for a couple of months, combined with some sort of probiotic and 3-5 capsules of vitamin B2, to see how I get on-judging on how my children in class react. (Only way I can tell)

Sorry for the big long message-I'm just feeling about the lowest I've ever felt in my life right now and am dreading facing into another week of metal and emotionally torture being around people. Can anyone suggest good probiotics/breath remedies for me?

Thanks for reading and for this support group. xS
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Re: New User-long time sufferer

Postby beautifulsoul39 » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:07 pm

Hi i know its hard please try and keep positive,some days can be awful been there,i was thinking ( no expert) but you mentioned you take antibiotics frequently from experience this is a no win if its the same ones constantly your body builds a resistance to the same strain and the bacteria actually grow stronger,also check your probiotics some have dairy in which is 100% no got for tmau,yeast products are high in producing gas aswell ,tea is also not good try cutting back ,your tongue is a body map of your over all health too ,google it keep strong your not on your own
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Re: New User-long time sufferer

Postby IrishS » Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:56 pm

Hi beautifulsoul, thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my message earlier...I'm currently eating small amounts of dairy every day inc cheese and Yoghurts (my dietitian in Prof Treacy's in the Mater Hospital in Dublin told me this was ok!) so I'll cut out all dairy now and yeast too. I didn't know yeast was a no go, I've been eating breads with yeast so I'll avoid that now too. Is green tea bad? I drink about five cups a day of it!! I'm going to get some dairy free probiotics and some ph balanced shower gels and follow a really strict low choline diet for a while to see how I get on.

It's so comforting to read all your posts on here. I'm normally a really positive person but just struggling a bit lately with it. Thanks for your help and kindness xx :) Have a great week!
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Re: New User-long time sufferer

Postby Oneneo » Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:32 pm

Hi all,

Just wanted to chip in, I've been really struggling recently and reading your post IrishS has inspired me. This condition hit me at 13 and I'm 39 now but I have only recently joined the forum. Knowing your out there coping in that particular work environment, has given me a boost. I hope you can take something positive from knowing your struggle has helped me cope with mine.

All the best, valuable people
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