Alarming odours

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Re: Alarming odours

Postby Lisa » Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:39 pm

Hey Pippa,

Yep, that sounds like most of us, smells included, they range, it's not just you, we're all in the same boat.

Yes, like you I can smell myself, well, I think I do most of the time, before I knew what I had, I could fill a room with my smell, and yes, it was truly horrifying to say the least.

I have TMAU2, I'm sort of on the diet, and have noticed a considerable improvement, yes I have smelly days, but it's mostly around my period, and when I've eaten something "norty", :o .

I would suggest you see your GP and get a diagnosis before trying the diet, it's hard, very hard, and you must be monitored by your doctor, but get tested first, that should be your first step.

Hope this helps you alittle, we're a lovely bunch on here, (cough), and I'm sure if you need advice, Q's answered, there's always someone around to help.

You are not on your own, remember that, and take care.

Keep us posted.

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Re: Alarming odours

Postby Lisa » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:07 pm

You're welcome Pippa.

Hang on in there at work, I know it's hard, but is there anyone there you can confide in, the Head?
It's difficult, but, if you can tell someone at work about the situation I'm sure you'll find them sympathetic, if you find it hard to say, write a letter, point them in the direction of this site, let them read for themselves.

I'm extremely lucky, we run our own business, gardening & Fencing, so when I am at work I'm outside, or, at home manning the phones, to be perfectly honest I'd don't know how I'd cope if I had to work in a school, shop etc, I admire you all that do.

Take it one day at a time, it's a lot to take in with this disorder, but when you get your results you'll be able to take steps to help get this damn thing under control, and you will.

Take care, and we're all here to support you, we've all been where you are now, and if you ask, I'm sure most of us have moved forward with this, and cope much better,what with the diet and so on.

Chin up!!!!

:) , it pisses people off. X
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Re: Alarming odours

Postby Lisa » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:11 pm

BTW, where are you?
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Re: Alarming odours

Postby Lisa » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:18 pm

I'm in Cornwall.

If you're confident enough, there are several people on here from the London area, perhaps you could meet up sometime, I believe there was a meet-up on the 17 May in the London area, it's good to chat with fellow sufferers, compare notes so to speak.

Be patient, your test results will be with you in no time, meanwhile keep talking to your boss, if you don't want to say about TMAU just say you're having a test done, which will confirm or deny either way.
If it isn't TMAU, maybe you have something that can be cured, which would be better, don't be terrified, take it as it comes, that's all you can do, and breathe!!!
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Re: Alarming odours

Postby dev » Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:55 pm

Pippa wrote:I have a few questions...The odours that I am experiencing are mostly of extremely bad gas and poo. Other times is can be burning / fish / cheese / BO even a really string smell of marihuana! Does anyone else experience this?

I have these symptoms or kind of.

The smell is inside my nostrils. I can only feel it rubbing a finger inside, around the nostrils' walls. Then I can smell it for a few seconds.

The burning is not like wood burning, it is more like rubber burning. Sometimes it is more like cheese, other times more like burning, other just like BO. It's not easy describe it.

I don't know if this has any relation with TMAU:

Long time ago, when all this nightmare was starting, about 4-5 times I could smell around me a very strong smell of urine. Like dry urine in a dirty toilet. The smell came suddenly and it disappeared after a few seconds. I had no idea of where was that smell coming from and I asked to people I had around if they noticed that smell. They said they didn't. Somehow I felt the smell was coming out from my breath.

At that time (that year) I was having a walk with other people and I felt a strong smell of sewer-burning (between sewer and burning). That happens to everybody from time to time, that there is a broken sewer somewhere, so I kept walking like nothing happened. However, I felt the smell could come from my breath because I could feel it when I moved from side to side the tip of my nose. I thought it was a ridiculous idea. That kind of smell doesn't come from anybody. It cannot come from me, I thought.

I kept walking for a few minutes, and I still could feel that smell with exactly the same intensity as I did a few hundred meters before. You get sewer smell for a few meters, but the smell goes away when you get away. A few minutes later, and 2 hunders meters away, the smell was still there. Surprised because the smell was still there, I asked to other people coming with me if they smelt like sewer. They said no. It was only me... and just when I moved the tip of my nose.

It was 20 years ago. I didn't think it was important at that time, but I am starting to think it was the beginning of all this and maybe other people start noticing it in the same way. Maybe it doesn't make any sense. I am absolutely lost about this.
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