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Re: Questions to people with TMAU

Postby smelly » Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:03 pm

are you able to smell your odor? if yes, what sort of odor does it resembles?

I rarely get very short bursts of smell, sometimes so quick I barely have enough time for my brain to recognise it and give it a name. The smells I have recognized are all the things people have mentioned on this site like faeces, garbage, cheesey, eggy, (the 'goat' smell someone mentioned is genius, that is EXACTLY the smell haaaaahaaaa!) Sometimes I can smell a very strong smell for a longer period of time, but Im not even sure if its coming from me because I can never smell anything (other than sweat) on my clothes or my body. the only exception to this was a very long time ago when I was using a standard store brand solid soap to clean with in the shower and (stop reading if you are squeamish) I was probing the anal area :shock: because there were comments at work that 'some people dont wipe their backsides properly' so I was determined mine was going to be CLEAN and as I went to wash my finger in the shower water in front of my face (I warned you) i got a very brief very strong smell that I suppose you could call fishy (its so damn quick my brain cant name it before it evaporates!) That was the trigger for me to really push the TMAU idea because I havent smelled the same odour with the neutral/ slightly acidic liquid soap I have been using the past years.

does your sweat smells?

I get standard BO, probably more than most because of TMAU-related stress. I dont know if the TMAU smell comes out there but I presume it does.

does the odor stick on your clothes?

Dont know if TMAU smell does, but BO definately does so I pour neat clothes wash liquid straight onto clothes at armpits where I can sometimes smell BO after washing. Seems to work. (Squeamish :shock: alert) Tip for guys who think there is an odour in groin area and it doesnt wash out of underwear properly with washing... we women use these things called 'pant liners', or such, and they are very thin, less bulky, versions of sanitary pads ie they stick onto inside of underwear. You could change these as often as you need during day and they should prevent sweat or secretions being absorbed into your underwear. get ones witha large surface area ie not ones for thongs! If you are too embarrassed to buy in shop, get them delivered online at Boots chemist or Tesco or something

which part of your body produces the most odor?

Breath definately worst. I can taste it and also from peoples reactions when I talk. Mouth hygiene as good as can get so must be breath from lungs. Cant smell anything on body other than BO. People have commented on my feet smelling but I cant smell anything in shoes / socks, so just concentrate on extra hygeine in case it helps, wash odour eaters after every wear , buy lots of shoes so can change several times day and let them dry out for at least a day between wears, throw out after few months, talc, athletes foot medication etc.

do you produce odor even if you're not sweating?

hard to say because my armpits feel constantly damp these days (stress?) but I think i can remember people in ppast commenting when i had just got out of shower and put on clean clothes, so probably , yes.

is the odor unbearable to others that they resort to covering their noses?

can the odor fill up a whole room?
so they say. And had comments from people when I am out in open air. Now thats a STRONG smell ! :twisted:
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Re: Questions to people with TMAU

Postby smelly » Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:05 pm

Since there seem to be a lot more people using the board the past few months I thought Id bring this older post to newer members attention.

Karmic set a list of questions on the first post, and I think I confused things by starting a conversation with Magsie in the middle of it (not really getting the chat room format! :D ) so anyone looking at my last posts might not get it that they were being asked a set of questions. I looked back at it today and it was really helpful for me so it would be great if more people could add their thoughts on it.
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Re: Questions to people with TMAU

Postby smelly » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:12 am

To add to the original question set by karmic, something that might be useful for medics working on TMAU....

Do you use contraceptive pills? Does odour get worse before / during / after / menstraution (either with or without pill)?
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