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kony 2012

Postby idealist » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:36 pm

I hope everyone is well.....
I have been watching a 28 min documentary about a Ugandan guerilla leader......
This film really puts my life and problems we face (in the western world) into perspective, yes I have problems however, other people(mainly children) experience much worse. The video is very glossy but never- the-less it is still worth the watch!

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Re: knoy 2012

Postby Weak » Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:18 am

I hate to say this but KONY is not the worst person in the world, not even close. Here are a few facts you should know before you even think about joining this "cause"

1 - yes Kony is a bad man, but how does he get to the top of our hitlist. there are so many other people to deal with at the moment.
2 - He doesnt have an army of 30,000 children, that number is the TOTAL number of children he has "recruited" over a 27 year span of time
3 - Kony is currently fleeing much like osama bin laden did and is no longer in Uganda
4 - the Invisible Children group is VERY shady, they are rated very low on charity watchdog, they Did not allow there financials to be audited professionally by the Better business bureau and what financials they did released show that only 31% of you donations actually make it to the Uganda army, the rest go to film production, administration and other expenses. (And thats the stuff they WANTED us to know, I cant imagine what skeletons there hiding in there closets)
5 - Of that money that does make it to the Ugandan army how much do you think really makes it to the kids? The Ugandan army has been blatantly accused of and proven to rape, loot, and even recruit child soldiers OF THERE OWN. and to this day they could still have them.
6 - If Kony isnt even still in Uganda and we are sending money to the Ugandan government to find him.... How does that makes sense? It would be like sending to the Mexican government money to find a criminal in Argentina.
7 - The 3 owners of the Invisble Children Charity make a total of nearly 290,000$ and that is just there paid income, we dont know how much they may spend out of the companies account or through bonuses or company purchased things that they keep from themselves, my parents own a business and they buy things for themselves through the company all the time, there the owners they can do that and said things count as the companies expenditures.
8 - Invisible Children want to make Kony famous to prevent Obama from pulling out the advisors he sent to Uganda, the only problem is that obama has made no sign that he has any plans of doing so, so all this fuss is more of a preemptive manuveur. Or maybe there plan is to make themselves famous by making kony famous and drastically increase donations made to there shady organization.
9 - Here is where we have to start thinking.... Now If Kony has an army of children and were sending the Ugandan army to get kony, then arent we going to end up killing those children? or do we expect the "sensless killer" Kony to just surrender when he see's all our big guns. It will turn into 2 things, Children shoot at soldiers and the soldiers refuse to shoot back, or children shoot at soldiers and the soldiers shoot back. Either way we lose.
10 - This is the 12th video made by Invisible children, this one just happen to go viral. this war against kony has been going on for nearly 27 - 28 years, its nothing new and its alot more complicated than Invisible children are making it out to be. its not just find kony and make him pay, its find kony, kill kids protecting kony, make him stand trail before the Ugandan courts and hope he gets prosecuted.
11 - The LRA is currently numbered to be in the hundreds maybe even less, and Kony is believed to possible "Already be dead", talk about beating a dead horse. It looks like someone is trying to get paid one last time before the secret gets out, or then again since he is "hiding" he may never get found and the gravy train keeps on chugging/

I am all for stopping Kony, but I also want to stop the Ugandan president who is now serving his 4th consecutive term in office, I want to stop the pillaging and looting of the ugandan army, the epidemic of nodding disease in Uganda, the growth of child prostitution and alot of the other crimes going on in uganda. But supporting Invisble Children is NOT the way to do that. By donating to them you can rest assured that only 31% of your money will make it to the corrupt government of uganda who I doubt will do much to find a man who is no longer in uganda or help the children that they have been raping and looting from for years. If anything you will just strengthen the Ugandan army and allow them to expand into outside territories, which is what this "search" for Kony REALLY allows them to do.
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Re: kony 2012

Postby idealist » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:07 pm

Hi weak,

I have not had the time to read all of what you have written but I know from what I have read that for the most part you are right (although I do think number 2 is misplaced as 30,000 children over any period is disgraceful). However, I was talking about how the film highlights other people’s problems not the Charity aspect. Many people on this site feel very low and sometimes seeing what others go though can put things into perspective.

I recently found out that someone I use to work with committed suicide, this made me think how strong I was to still be alive and so forth. I think people on this site do have a right to have up's and downs but I personally was affected, that is not to say that I am supporting this charity....

Take care ;)
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