Meet up this Friday 30th December


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Meet up this Friday 30th December

Postby kittycat » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:27 am

It's only Malory, Miles, me and hopefully Bluey (when he can get there) but if anyone else would like to come they'd be more than welcome...We're thinking Yates bar in Leicester Square at 5pm onwards. You can pm me, miles or malory for mobile numbers to make contact when you get there....Come on you lurkers :lol:we're really friendly.... :D kcxx
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Re: Meet up this Friday 30th December

Postby malory » Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:17 pm

Looking forwards to this meet up (as I always do look forwards to them and I've only been to 3!).

However, if you aren't comfortable with going into Yates Bar (I still find 'going out' quite challenging), we will be happy to hang out in the open in Leicester Square for a while (well wrapped up, of course) in order to meet you so please, PLEASE come anyway. We are always keen to meet new people and promise to treat you very well and look after you.
You will be well safe with us (well with me and Kitty anyway - Miles and Bluey might get you so drunk you won't find your way home again until 2012)

Happy new year to all! :D
(Let 2012 be OUR year!! ;) )
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