Update on things - Useful information

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Update on things - Useful information

Postby bpositive » Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:44 pm

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while but i thought i would check in and see what has been going on. For people that haven't seen me on here before i have been fighting what must be TMAU for over 29 years, "i say must be because i have never been tested". I first noticed it when i was 18 'nice eighteeth b/day present' lol I have fought a long fight and now suddenly it is all out in the open with regards to finding answers on the website, tv, etc. I have had all the same experiences, smells, unpleasant moments, smells at work, 'but fortunately, i have never lost my job over it'. I have taken charcoal tablets over the years, tablets for indigestion. 'because at the time you put it down to what ever you think it may be', i have probably went to every single dentist over the years within a 3 mile radious, with suspected halitosis, but never got any results because there was nothing wrong with my teeth, so all these years what and where would this smell becoming from. I used to drink alot of lager and i did relise this didn't help but i gave that up as i couldn't stand the taste of it anymore this must be well over a year ago now! But hey i still had this thing, so after reading other peoples reports on this website i thought i would do some of my own experiments as to why this was happening. I am a coffee lover and have probably drank coffee since i was 18 right upto around 3 months ago, all of a sudden something said to me don't drink it, so i started drinking tea. I was also a very big crisp eater, of which i still am but i try to stick to ready salted, 'when i feel down i won't care, i go for any flavour big time' lol. Looking back to i was probably a big egg and seafood eater, having these in my sandwiches most days for work.

What i have now done is something of amazement to me, because for the last three months i have cut out coffee, flavoured crisps, eggs, sea-food, ( but still can eat it with out no effects, the seafood) and i must say i do not get the bad egg, poo smell, farty breath smell, 'what ever you want to call it' at all.

I can eat meat, spicy foods, currys almost every veg, almost everyfood, but coffee does something very bad to me, i wish i would have found this out a long time ago, cutting these things out have erratically cut this problem out all together.

I hope everyone else finds out what does it for them!!

Thought i would share this with you all in case it helps.

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Re: Update on things - Useful information

Postby stella » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:48 pm

hi b positive, I can relate to the coffee issue. I tried coffee once or twice and it makes me feel ill. It made my ears itch inside and horrible feeling in throat and sinuses. I have not eaten any of suspect foods for the last 4 days and i dont think its made any difference to my odour at all. I suppose its too early to tell. I will keep it up for the near future though. I have read on another site it can take 3 months or more. I feel like not eating at all most of the time. Food all of a sudden seems poison to me after doing my home work on choline, sulphur, ect. Can any one explain why we cant eat pectin, i have looked this up but cant find a reason. thanks ..
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