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Diet coke/alcohol

Postby batoli » Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:42 pm

Hi all,

This is my first post here! I was diagnosed with tmau last year and have been trying ever since to deal with it through the diet and supplements.

I am a very busy and social person and so coffee and alcohol were generally my main vices but have given them up completely (with the odd slip up in between). I now drink a lot of diet coke - is this permissable? Also, what would be the least smelly alcohol to drink - wine possibly? Another vice I have quit is smoking. This is good for my health obviously, now I realise I was smoking to cover up the tmau smell even though it made me smell of smoke alongside smoking due to the stress of the odour hence I was trapped in a vicious cycle. I am finding that almost every food/drink causes a smell so I aim to eventually find the right balance. I am also quite tall and so lost a lot of weight simply from cutting out meat, fish and dairy and so maintaining weight without smelling is also something I need to work on.

One more diet related question I would be grateful if anyone could answer. I have quite a sweet tooth (probably due to skipping meals due to time constraints) but I am going to make an effort to lay off the sugary treats, especially chocolate due to the soya. What kind of things do people here eat when they start to crave that slice of chocolate cake?
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Re: Diet coke/alcohol

Postby sunshine » Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:16 am

Hi batoli
I have heared that drinking to much diet coke isn,t good for you,but i don,t know the ins and outs of it,but drinking to much,and not enough water can lead to dehyration and that in itself can contrbute to the odor problem and also that the artifical sweetners used in it can trick the body into craving sugar,which isn,t a good thing,but i,m no expert and i would be really interested in anyone elses views on this as i,m a bit of a diet coke addict myself :roll:
As for alchol, it says on the diet sheet that small amounts of white wine,red wine, or spirits should be o.k but avoid binge drinking and the sweet things that we can eat are boiled sweets,lollies and fruit based lollies,marmalade,honey,jam,golden syrup
But a liitle of what you fancy every now and then,won,t hurt to much.
Hope this helped a bit.
Take care sunshine x
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Re: Diet coke/alcohol

Postby smelly » Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:23 am


If you were diagnosed through NHS in UK you should be refered to a specialist, maybe even a dietician, and you would be able to ask all these questions to them, especially the bit about maintainig weight because they willl know how to do it in a healthy way.

My non-professional advice would be to aim to get rid of that sweet tooth. I ate sugar constantly but have managed to limit it to a little at weekends by weaning myself of gradually. That includes all the hidden sugar in savoury foods, but do it gradually, starting with the obvious stuff first. Once you get the amount of sugar right down, you will find you can detect it when you eat something that has been cooked by someone else or a ready made meal, and if you do eat a sugary desert it will taste unpleasantly sickly. :)

Its worth controlling your sugar intake because lots of us find it increases adour (although thats not supposed to be a problem specifically with TMAU). But even if it doesnt affect you, you will find that sugary foods also have dairy, eggs, E numbers, soya etc in and that IS a problem with TMAU, so you are better off changing your taste buds so that you dont WANT to eat those things.

I am pretty good at avoiding it now, so long as i can get a 'fix' at weekends, but i think it will always be a craving for me. And I find after Ive eaten a choc bar, I start to crave other problem foods like dairy etc, so its something I would love to conquer completely. I have often thought of having hypnotherapy to put myself off it. I can rememeber Paul Mackenna telling someone to imagine the chocolate covered in hair and eating it, and the gag reflex that image invokes starts to put you off it ;)
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Re: Diet coke/alcohol

Postby Ellie Girl » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:00 am

Hi Batoli,

I don't know about diet coke, but I remember reading somewhere that we shouldn't drink carbonated drinks. Also sweeteners (esp aspartame) are bad for us I think.

re alcohol :cry: This is my greatest sorrow. I find now that even a glass of red wine will make me smell 'farty' within half an hour of drinking it (beer even more so, and spirits). I guess this is because it goes straight into our blood stream, whereas food takes longer. Although within a fairly low choline range, wine is high is sulphites (I don't know about beer or spirits) but there must be something in it or in the metabolising of it that makes us smell. Perhaps we shouldn't overload our overstressed livers with any extra work?

Anyway - I have a rule now that I won't drink alocohol in public, but will let myself have the odd glass of red wine or champagne in a Friday or Saturday night if I am at home the next day, or with friends and family who don't care about the smell. Mostly though I just don't drink anymore. It's a beeyatch!

Re sweet tooth - sugar seems to bad for most of us, as said above, and my odour is much better now I've cut it out (but do it gradually, as said :) ). A spoonful of honey or natural jam is a great help but you'll find after about 10 days you lose the taste for it. Same with alcohol.

good luck and let us know how you get on!

Ellie xx
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Re: Diet coke/alcohol

Postby batoli » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:04 am

Hi guys,

I'm sorry for the delay in reply.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions; you are all completely right, I must crack this sugar habit once and for all! I am now slowly avoiding the main culprits however sometimes my body just craves protein and I have to eat chicken which makes me smell instantly! What do you eat for protein apart from egg whites?

Ellie, tell me about the red wine! A glass in private sounds good though I agree :)
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