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Postby Ellie Girl » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:08 am

Hi All,

Just recently had bloods back for DNA testing for my mutation (not got back yet) but have got all my other blood readings back. As I am on such a restricted diet by choice I thought it would be interesting to let you now that my bloods show everything is normal, even my iron levels (and I have great cholestoral reading!) with the only things being low amino acids and serum someting (I'll check what that was) as would be expected with a low protein diet.

I have another meeting with the endo an the diet spesh in September, so will let you know what they decide re diet. Should then also if I am definitely type 1 or 2.

My back up urine test (they tested me again even though I have been tested before) showed that I am in the range for TMAU without a choline challlenge (although at the low end) so even on a restricted diet I still tested positive.

Ellie xx
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