ITV - Volunteer required - Fee payable.


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Re: ITV - Volunteer required - Fee payable.

Postby sunshine » Sat May 28, 2011 5:41 am

Thank you thats great to know you,ve got yours under contol.It shows me that theres hope for me then :D I,m going to just keep checking this forum and trying different things to see what will work for me.I don,t think doctors and people understand the mental torture and embaresment we feel.I live in berkshire so i might go on the next meet up.I was invited to the last one but was worried about the train journey :oops: I only ever leave the house for about an hour at a time at the moment because i,m to scared it,s going to happen.But seeing the programme and joining this forum has given me hope and thats more than i had before.So now i,m gonna try to stay positive.I,ll keep you posted.Many many thanks sunshine x
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Re: ITV - Volunteer required - Fee payable.

Postby stinky17 » Sat May 28, 2011 7:04 am

aww bless u, ill tell u what i do 2 control mine it may help u...

i take amoxillican 250g 3times a day 4 2 wks every 6 weeks ish followed buy boots probiotics, though my diet isent very exciting i eat 2 live n thats it really id rather do that so i can have a life cause alot of the safe foods make me smell.

i eat a very strict diet near the time of the month so i dont smell any more than im gonna...rice cakes with honey, pears, boiled rice with either carrots or with lettuce peppers cucumber n olive oil n pepper n salt.

i also only eat that when i know im going somewere.

other times i do eat pizza from pizza shop or turkey mince spag bol but nt loads, jacket pots with cheese spread n salad, chips fried in oil, plain crisps, brown bread baked instore (asda), proper butter sparingly, rice crispys with rice milk.

sometimes i have treats when i know ive gt the day off the next day cause it takes 2 days 2 get it out of my system so it isent offten cause i have a busy life i work full time n have 4 kids.

it sounds like u need behaviour theropy tell ur doctor 2 refer u, u cant go on staying in it will drive u mad i can tell u cuase i was like that, but the teropy worked 4 me i have only just started 2 get bk out this past year n i love it but i still like 2 stay in wen im on me period.

hope this helps u x x
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Re: ITV - Volunteer required - Fee payable.

Postby sunshine » Sat May 28, 2011 2:41 pm

Aw thank you very much.Thats a big help.I,ll write that down and take it to my doctors.Really great that your managing to work.Thats what i,d like to do get back to work and feel like a normal person again.I,m taking nullo at the moment and changed my diet and bought some shower gel with ph 5.5 so hopefully in a couple of weeks there might be some improvment.The worst thing about it is you don,t know if it,s happening or not,At least i now know its managable so fingers crossed i,ll keep you posted.I,m so gratefull for this forum and your help.Thanks and take care. Sunshine x
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