spiritual life

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spiritual life

Postby flower » Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:21 am

Just feel the need to say something again...

I went to football of my sun and I realise people are nice to me because I am just a very understanding and empathic woman. It is outside and i am feeling relaxing, ....
Again I think , why do I have this odour ? What is this meaning ?
Maybe there is no answer in the material world.
But what is answer of spiritual world ?
I don t want to get in boudism I think. It can be a good solution for some of us but not me.
I want to be part of this world.
But we all will find our destiny....maybe I want to do something in palliative sector because it is also spiritual and looking for answers for big questions of life....
Maybe my answer is flying above real material world and find inner happyniss in higher things.

I see lot of members who are spiritual....that must have a reason....

Just going to work next week and will see what life will give us. I will take all good moments what come to full my days ...I am not going to make difficult decisions at this moment because my mind is asking for time out.
Maybe we must just follow our own intuition....

Only thing we never may forget is : live your life and become inner happyniss....

The power of life and survive is just to believe in our own destiny and fight for everyone better life. We must be creative and find solutions .....and just believe we have a reason for being here....the reason is for all of us different but we will discover our reason....

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Re: spiritual life

Postby SmellyKelly2 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:29 pm

Hi Flower
I find that each time I have suffered with an illness effecting my whole life it has made me look at the spiritual side.
I was quite ill about 13 years ago with something else and managed to turn it around.
With that I believe that sometime soon I will get better at least to a more acceptable level.
You are right to keep an open mind and things will probably full into place along the way for you.
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Re: spiritual life

Postby kittycat » Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:48 pm

Beautifully worded posts flower and sk. This affliction has made us all plumb our emotional depths and think deeply about ourselves and 'humanity'. It would be a shame for it all to go to waste....It's easy to sleep-walk through life, lets hope we all find the reason for us being who, and what, we are. I'm flower arranging later but I've got a couple of hours to get into my garden and connect with my religion, nature.. :D love kittyx
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Re: spiritual life

Postby flower » Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:19 pm

Thanks both of you,

I think I need spiritual life, especially when I have big questions and can t find a answer in material world.
I feel sometimes intuition and positive thinking are the answers too ...
We visited my friends family (also a nurse from hospital, when I worked in hospital years ago.....)
She is so caring , positive and on same wave length....just like each other no matter what....

I hope you do well on your job, S, hope it is something for you but maybe it is to soon to say after one day ?
Sleeping in the day is sometimes difficult, after the first night that I worked in hospital I just can t sleep but after a few nights I was so tired I just sleep whole day....

Take care of you,
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