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Hi Kittycat

Postby flower » Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:42 pm

I have same experience as you have. I went today to doctor and she also thinks that problems are away. She asked me if I knew that I can smell still something;
I don t know , I have a little bit of a cold....and its difficult to me to smell it myself.
Doctor said again if I know someone who can smell me;
I said that the sun of a friend of mine already said that I am stinking out my breath and that the boy next door was shouting it stinks here in the house when I had my periods.

she don t know what therapy I must get . I can take antibiotics , probiotics.....

Again docter said she could nothing detect on me.....Am I going crazy.....

I have one conclusion here : I look it all up myself....Doctor said medical world pays not so much attention of all this because we are not sick of it.

But all the social consequences.....doctor said I can come and talk to her. That is all she can do but it is all right. The doctors haven t also not the time to talk hours and hours with us,
they have a lot of patients. But she really does the best she could....

I must look up it myself....I am going to take probiotics and antibiotics and do the test again but I am not goeing to take antibiotics all my life very much, it can not be good.
Just one time ...and then other things....I hope it all gets away but ???????

She hasn t not all the answers but it doesnt matter. Medical research is not that far and she said I just must learn to live with this.....and I will learn this...

Kittycat , what is dysmenorroe, is it very much pain when you have your periods , I have this too............
and I was also very depressed when I had my periods ,
now I have a IUD and I am not depressed anymore but I think the odour is bad, it gives hormonales in my uterus.
or is it no period anymore.

It has really to do with hormons I believe , sec tmau. or is it primary what you have ?

I take care of myself

I need only my family and my very best friends and what the others said....we can only hope that they treat us well.
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Re: Hi Kittycat

Postby kittycat » Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:33 pm

I have tmau2 flower, primary's are the rare ones.kx
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