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super symptoms

Postby smellsfunny » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:18 am

anyone have any associated symptoms? i feel like its associated. i think of them as super hot flashes. i feel like someone turns up the temp in the room. like its really, really hot. my body seems to emit a simultaneous radiating heat and stuffiness, triggered usually by stress or anxiety but not always. there is usually an increase in nose scrathing, sniffing, sneezing, comments etc. i can elevate perceived temperatures in a 20x20 room in a matter of minutes. i say perceived because ive worked for corporations and the techs get called in and the take a laser temperature reading at the a/c vents output and various locations in said room or area and then scratch their heads. i just think ugh, i hate my body....ive taken my temperature when this occurs but its always normal even slightly low. never above. i havent been tested for tmau, but i KNOW. it started around puberty, maybe right before. also, nine out of ten people scratch their noses in their cars that pass me going the opposite direction on a two lane road. am i crazy/paranoid or do most people have a head cold or on coke?
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Re: super symptoms

Postby Weak » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:28 am

I get the same thing, I never quite actually noticed it until you brought it up, there are many cases where people talk about how hot the room is around me, which is strange to me because the room wouldn't feel hot. Or people would suddenly say how hot the class is after me being in it for about 30min when i feel no temperature change, but i sort of taught myself to control my body temperate and stuff so i can see how I dont feel the temperate or something, I once dropped my heart rate from 130 to 78 in a matter of seconds.

As far as the smell increasing the temperature there are coincidences like what I said above but I don't see how it can actually happen. Our smell if given off by our body expelling TMA from our pores, TMA is like a perfume that smells really really bad. So it would be like saying there is a perfume that can increase the temperature in a room, added with the fact that you say your body is the same temperature it just doesn't add up. Only thing I can think of is that the smell from TMAU changes and during the times where we smell more smokier than usual people minds connect that smoky smell with it being hot and naturally feel hotter, or they feel stuffier and increase there breathing which can make them feel hotter or something. As far as you feeling hotter and pretty sure that is stress induced.

I am paranoid in the same way, I see people in the cars passing scratch there nose and I think to myself that there is no possible way that they can smell me from inside there car, it just doesn't make sense, even when on the sidewalks I will see someone a good 30 yards away from me cough or sneeze and I dont understand how it can be me, but it happens enough for me to notice it happening. I figured that I only notice it happening because I am actively looking for it so rather than pay attention to the times people passed my car scratching there noses I looked for the ones who passed and didn't do that. Not much to the story after that.

TMAU really is a weird condition.
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