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how did it start

Postby atlantis » Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:37 pm

Hi everyone , am really interested in how an why tmau2 occurs , I have a 3 year old who I want to have as normal life as poss ! Mine didn't start till my early twenties after break up of a relationship an came hand in hand with anxiety attacks , don't remember takin any antibiotics around that time . Has anyone else had similar experience s or ideas as to why it has started ? Wishing u all a happy x. mas ! Melanie :D
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Re: how did it start

Postby Weak » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:23 am

Too my knowledge TMAU 2 occurs in the following ways:

1) Your body over time just breaks down as stops producing FMO3 properly, thus causing TMAU2

2) if your already at risk of TMAU due to genetics or if your body just has trouble with TMAU in general then eating alot of foods that are high in choline can cause your body to stop producing FMO3 in general. Kind of how if someone at risk of diabetes eats a lot of sugar over a long period of time there bodies will just stop producing insulin.

3) Antibiotics, infection, surgery etc... any kind of major changes to the body like the ones listed can cause TMAU2.

Those are the few ways I know of that can get you TMAU, but for he most part i think you need to be genetically predisposed to the condition to actually get it, just like a guy that is genetically predisposed to diabetes has a much higher chance of getting it then someone who isnt. Someone who isnt predisposed to the disease shouldn't really have to worry too much about it, its pretty rare in general. Since you got it it would only make sense that you are predisposed to the disease, which means you more than likely passed that on to your kid. (But he WONT show symptoms from birth unless both you are your husband are carriers, which is unlikely.) I just recommend not feeding him things high in choline, btw baby food is extremely high in choline, choline is kind of essential to the developing of a healthy child brain so they pack it into kid foods. Just limit it, cook some home cooked meals that are healthy and low in choline every now and then to make sure he doesn't over do it and he should be fine.

Keep in mind that this is a very rare disease that requires both parents to have TMAU1 in order for it to be passed on (Even if both parents are carriers, which you are but i dont know if your husband is, it still is just a 25% chance your son will show symptoms), if not then the child will simply be a carrier with a predisposal to TMAU. So as long as he eats right and stays away from anti boitics he should live a very normal life.

** I say to my knowledge because the last thing i want to do is give off my opinions as if they are facts. But i am very confident in what i have said and I am fairly sure it is all accurate albeit wordy.**
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