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House Keeping Tricks/Tips :)

Postby drstillstanding » Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:21 am

A few tricks I use are:

(1) Keeping the windows open as much as I can of course, duh!
(2) Mopping the floor daily or often with a strong bleach solution.
(3) Keeping air fresher handy and spraying it frequently through the house.
(4) Putting fabric softer (several sheets) in my car under my seats and in my house under my furniture.
(6) Cleaning the restrooms frequently and with a strong (double dose) of cleanser (bleach, pine sol, etc.) and spraying down the restroom frequently with spray to keep it smelling fresh when folks walk by.
(7) Using carpet fresh on the carpets and running the sweeper every other day or so.
(8) Taking the trash out every day and emptying all of the trash containers in the house and then washing out the trash cans with pure bleach or straight pine sol, etc.
(9) Wiping down everything in the house, tables, fridge, stove, sinks, etc. with pure bleach or double dose of pin sol or another cleanser.
(10) Putting lemon slices down the garbage disposal weekly or more often to help reduce odors of the kitchen.
(11) Keep the stove and/or burners clean, clean at least once per week or line with foil to help reduce the smells from spills and/or burns.
(12) Clean and wash the inside of the ice box or fridge once per week with a strong/pure solution of bleach, and of course remove any food that has gone bad or spoiled (duh). Smile.
(13) Wash your bedding every other day to keep the room smelling good.
(14) Wash clothes/laundry every day if possible to reduce any odors that may linger in the house or in the closet. The key is to keep everything clean constantly to reduce any odors whatsoever. However it may seem almost like Obsessive/Compulsive behavior! Smile!
(15) Wash and vacuum your vehicle weekly inside and out, to help reduce any odors in the car.
(16) Keep your home free from excessive clutter and trash (inside and out), this is actually more for your neighbors, they shall see that you are a "clean" person and hopefully the negative comments will be "reduced"?

I hope this helps gang. I have more things I do, but if you all wanted to read a novel, you would go to book store and buy one! lol!

Thank you.

Very Sincerely,

Cheryl Fields
Dr. StillStanding
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Re: House Keeping Tricks/Tips :)

Postby Mickey Gobes » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:05 am

Thank you so much for sharing this useful information.I found it very useful.
Mickey Gobes
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