Exercise, swimming.

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Exercise, swimming.

Postby Abyss » Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:49 pm

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all well, i have a bit of an odd question to ask so apologies if it seems silly. I know i have TMAU but i also have some other probs which i wont get into, the end result being i need to exercise, i'm not overweight at all honestly but am very swollen. Like Stay Puft man, lol no not quite. My issue is this, i cannot go out jogging anymore because of the pain in my feet but am a good swimmer. Since finding this site i am trying to turn my life around so i decided that i should face my demons, i have just began to face shopping again and had mixed results and have been to an 'outing' with not such great results. I need to exercise and i cannot do yoga or tai chi as my mind is not clear to do it plus if i do these type of exercise regimes i am still imprisoning myself in here. Does anybody else in the forum go swimming, if so, do you have a problem with the chlorine on your skin? Any effects afterwards? Or during? I used to swim in the sea years ago whenever i could be near the coast but that was when i was about 12- 16 years of age. Am worried i will ruin other peoples day you see and if so will probably have to have a rethink. It's just that the fluidity of the water would make it easier for me to pass through the pain. Any advise would be great, thanks.

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