Comments people make.

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Comments people make.

Postby Dooberrywhatsit » Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:59 pm

I was just wondering with what frequency you guys hear comments from other people? I remember when I was younger, a bloke told me "you stink" in front of all our friends. I said, "No I don't" and he replied, "You do. Seriously, you stink".
Twice, I have been told "You smell of fish"- strangely these both occurred when I visited a town hundreds of miles from home!
I had someone make comments in a lift at work about the smell of a dead thing.
Those are all the situations in my life I can catergorically state that I never misheard or imagined.
But in addition to these, there are hundreds of situations where I think people had insinuated I smell, but when I could not be 100% sure that I wasn't paranoid. Again, in addition to these too are the situations where people have behaved strangely with me and I realise an explaination would be because they can't stand my smell.

Is my experience normal? Do most people have at least one situation a week that is a direct reference to their smell?
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Re: Comments people make.

Postby beautifulsoul39 » Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:39 am

Wow where do i start im a master radar when it comes to comments in summer i met a group of new friends and i overhead one say " how long was it before you knew" i glared at him he went red and tried to make some crap up about something else but i knew it was about me smelling,yesterday a couple starting talking to me and the husband said to his wife lets stand over there so i replied " yeah good idea you have fresh air then " he was embarrassed u allways come back with a comment to them as it infuriates me i have total respect for people that tell the truth,id been eating this vegan cheese which i thought was non smell i asked my niece to smell she goes ur that is proper rank and started to gag but it didn't smell bad to me she goes i think you've been changing too many nappies and got used to the smell,see i think i have seriously lost some of my sense of smell, i get so many comments and i used to drive myself crazy trying to analyze them all but now i realise i do smell somedays worse than others it makes it less hard ,my friends see my house which is immaculate because funny enough if i get a bad day i clean i dress myself smart so people are starting to realise there's something up medically why i smell,i have had people on bus say oh there's smelly not sitting next to her ,shop workers say out loud in front of me ooh you got a stinky i could go on and on i do feel like screaming i wash you know,i could write a book
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Re: Comments people make.

Postby Dooberrywhatsit » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:10 pm

How often would you say it happens that people say it to your face? And are you always so brave?!
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Re: Comments people make.

Postby dev » Sat Apr 04, 2015 6:45 am

I have heard all those comments and they turned out they were happening just in my mind.

I am not saying that it is your case, but you should not rule out that possibility. No matter how unbelievable it can sound and how loud and clear you can hear comments around you.

My advise to you is clarify what you hear with people close to you, with family and friends.

I have been quite lucky because I am not taking any medication and the comments about the bad smell are slowly going away. It is almost a year since I decided to give a chance to the psychological possibility and the issue is now almost gone.

Talk to your family.
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