Gas - Anyone else in the same boat?

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Gas - Anyone else in the same boat?

Postby robert123 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:07 pm

Hi all,
Ok this is definately going to be tmi for a lot of you so my apologies in advance.
For practically my entire life, starting round about 12 and I'm nearly 39 now my life has been basically ruined by my odour problems like so many of you here. I did get a tmau test done which turned out negative but I really am not happy with the test for various reasons. I have a distinct unpleasant body odour, sometimes it smells of fish, more often urine though but in truth can be a whole range of things again like everyone else here.
However my main problem seems to be gas as in plenty of times I've had people turn to me and go ugh you farted (or words to that effect) and had a cascade of snide comments relating to gas directed at me down through the years. Heres the thing though, when an incidence of that happening occurs not only do I not smell anything i don't feel anything either. Like people must think I am an incredibly ignorant person farting in front of them but genuinely I have no clue it is happening until someone says something.
i did read of a lady before on an old body odour forum, I think her name was Magsie but I could well be wrong, who was diagnosed with tmau2 but aslo suffered from what her doctor described as "flatulence without sensation".
Also on an ibs support forum there is a section along with fecal body odour is a symptom described as "leaky gas" which I think captures my condition perfectly.
Basically I'd love to know if there are any other people on here suffering from the same thing? I assume anyone with primary tmau wouldn't have it but as I understand secondary tmau has a bacterial basis which could also lead to this leaky gas problem.
Thanks for reading, no laughing at the back haha.
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Re: Gas - Anyone else in the same boat?

Postby beautifulsoul39 » Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:06 am

Firstly i would go back to your doctor and request a second test my guess is it was not done correctly a lot of doctors are ill informed on correct testing format,you should look at testing on homepage on choline load etc ,i would say you have classic signs of tmau2 as lower levels smells are more random eg stressfull situations etc and range from "fart,gas,burning rubber,bonfire,barbeque,cat sick,if your levels are lower and your on say a low choline with docs help diet smells would be of pumpkin etc,you need to eradicate the bacteria in your bowel first ,test your transit time ( eat ton of corn then see how long it takes too move through mine is a shocking four days ,so that is how long food will stay in your bowel unless fodmap food which will digest quicker ,if you are tall your bowel is on average longer than most population,get an mot of your body check for all vitamin defiences ,start sterilization of your toothbrush etc you would be shocked how much bacteria is in your brush invest in a good water bottle ive just brought one with built in charcoal filter,try not too feel down look at it as a chance to basically improve your overall health,good luck remember in not an expert x
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Re: Gas - Anyone else in the same boat?

Postby robert123 » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:11 pm

Hey Beautiful Soul,
Well you say you are not an expert put that sounds like a lot of good advice to me , thanks a million. I was disappointed when I saw my test came back negative as I would like to have a definate label of whats wrong with me though I know secondary tmau can be a controversial diagnosis with some people. To be honest I don't think I can face back in to my gp, he clearly was very uncomfortable when I raised the issue at first so I'm afraid I wouldn't have the courage to go through all that again especially as my first test came back negative. I see on the MEBO page they offer some international testing, may try and check that out.
I'm really glad to hear how you are getting on well with your regieme. Yeah I could live with having a sort of pumpkin smell, unfortunately I think I have a bit of a garbage smell over the last day or two :oops: so it would make a nice change. When you say about eradicating the bacteria in my bowel I presume you suggest taking some antibiotics? I did try rifaximin before but didn't seem to have much effect. Thanks for the tip about the toothbrush, I don't change mine nearly as often as I should.
I do get tired very easily so I'm sure I probably am lacking vitamins and suchlike. Why the waterbottle may I ask?
It's really nice of you to take the time to give the benefit of your experience, when I think of how long I had this problem feeling I must be the only one in the world to suffer from this incredibly weird and cruel condition it would have been so good to know there is a place like this. Genuinely thanks; you are well matched to your name :)
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