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blood test results

Postby williamdelapole » Sat May 17, 2014 4:07 pm

So routine blood tests include a liver function section, this seems to be relevant because fmo3 is a liver enzyme and I read somewhere that tmau could be theoretically cured with a liver transplant, I have had several blood tests in the past years, each test has been normal across the board except in the liver function where a value was high, I also remember the doctors asking me if I had allot of alcohol ( which I don't I'm 17 and only drink socially ), so I was wondering if anyone else had abnormal values for liver function in a blood test ?
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Re: blood test results

Postby PoetFire » Sat May 17, 2014 5:47 pm

Hi William. As I understand it, the routine liver function blood test only looks for compounds associated with the liver being damaged. It does not test how well the liver is detoxifying things.

Don't worry about the result being slightly out. I think it can often show results slightly out the ref ranges at different times. If there is nothing to suggest you have damage I wouldn't worry about it. This is common I think.

The only current test for FMO3 enzyme function is the TMAU urine test. Since FMO3 is the only known enzyme to oxidize TMA into TMAO, the greater % of TMA you oxidize to TMAO, the better your FMO3 is functioning (in theory). Normal people are supposed to be able to oxidize around >94% TMA to TMAO at all times. Since there has been little interest in research into FMO3, a ref range has not been discussed by the scientific community much, and is more set due to anecdotal estimates. Personally I think >94% is probably about correct (maybe should be higher) but some suggest >90% and the current Sheffield TMAU test suggests >79% which seems far too low to me. This means at Sheffield someone oxidizing 80% to TMAO would be classed normal whereas another tester would find them positive.
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