when did your tmau onset?

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when did your tmau onset?

Postby williamdelapole » Fri May 09, 2014 5:13 pm

Hello, Would people please comment with there stories on this thread - be active and share information this is the best course to deal with the problem of TMAU

This topic is about TMAU onset, i'm interested in learning about the onset of peoples' TMAU, for example when it happened, if the onset was gradual or sudden and whether you think it had a trigger (such as another illness, medication, stress).

My onset was sudden, (there was no indication of symptoms before I suddenly began to produce bad odours at random times during the week)

Also during this same week several other symptoms I had never experienced before appeared;

I began to suffer from incomplete evacuation ( it feels like I don't completely empty my bowels after a shit ) and I was quite constipated although my shit was still soft. It took me allot of wipes after a shit as well. + My shits started to really smell worse than before
I noticed a bad taste in my mouth and my breath began to smell for the first time
I began to fart more frequently and had more frequent stomach aches and stomach growls ( this is due to my IBS that I had already, but only very mildly)

So basicly my mild IBS became much worse during this same week as my TMAU appeared very suddenly. This intrigues me as it seems the two are related.

Also this is a weird coincidence but the day that my TMAU first appeared was when me and my friend brought a bottle of stink spray (liquid ass) into school which smelt foul.

Finally an important note : I have not yet been diagnosed with TMAU and my TMAU smell has only been present for about 5 weeks ( and on and off during this time ) although the smell is very bad when it does appear
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