Secondary TMAU is curable?

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Secondary TMAU is curable?

Postby hopefullysmellfree » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:09 pm

So here ( ... at-is-tmau) according to Dr N Manning secondary aquired tmau is curable?


Treatment of both TMAU1 and TMAU2 is based on diet to restrict the sources (precursors) of TMA (eg choline) and antibiotics (eg metranidazole, neomycin or amoxicillin) to eliminate the TMA-producing bacteria. TMAU2 can in fact be cured by eradication of the excess bacteria, although stubborn colonies may regrow to excess and require further courses of treatment.

So if someone has "normal" fm03 but the gut is producing to much tma it is curable? I mean this is coming from a Qualified Dr?
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