Not sure how to feel :?

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Not sure how to feel :?

Postby Skittle » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:38 pm


I'm a 23 yr old female and have stunk for as long as I can remember! I remember going to the drs as a young teen complaining of the smell and being told it was because I didn't wash! I was mortified and never plucked up the courage to go see another doctor again.
I never really had anyone be nasty about my smell (other than the odd 'concerned' remark from my mum and sister) but they would turn their noses up and was something I was so self conscious of.

Today, I went to the doctors for a chest infection and after a rather bad smelly day I plucked up the courage to speak to them about it while I was there. They mentioned TMAU and have arranged for me to be seen next Wednesday about it.
The thought of finally have a reason for my smell and that something might actually be wrong with me has terrified me! I know it's nothing serious but still terrified!
I was hoping they'd give me a magic soap (although I have spent hundreds of pounds of useless products)
Part of me wants it to be this so that I finally have an answer but then the other half of me doesn't as I want the smell to just disappear all together!

How did everyone else feel when they may finally have had an answer? How long did it take to come to terms with?

Thank you for reading :) xx
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Re: Not sure how to feel :?

Postby Lisa » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:58 pm

Hello Skittle,

Tbh I was relieved to finally have a name for what was wrong with me, I know it is daunting if it is confirmed you have this, it's hard to deal with, diet, comments etc, but we are not dying of some awful disease, we just have to change our lifestyle alittle, and be a little thick skinned.

Like you, I was petrified when I read thru this website, I thought, if I have this, how will I ever cope, how do these people live everyday life? Simple answer is, they do, they have to, I have to, we all have to.
I think after the initial shock, for me, there was anger, why me, why such a horrid horrid disorder? But, like others, I've learnt to live with it, yes it's hard some days, but the good days outweigh them, you need time to get your head round it, give it some time, try not to overwhelm yourself, and take one day at a time, I've come along way since 2yrs ago, and you will too.

We are very lucky to have a site like this, and the wonderful people on it too, without them, I don't think I'd be here today.

Take it slowly, I'm sure if you feel low, or just have any Q's there is always someone on here to listen and help.

Good luck.x
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