how to get a referral?

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how to get a referral?

Postby Adrian » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:48 am

Hello im 26 and have suffered with fecal body odour for ten years. I am a mature student and university is very tough as you can imagine. Last year I ordered a TMAU test from mullhaven labs. The test came back normal. I have listed the results below.

Urine Creatinine 18.5 mmol/L
Trimethylamine (TMA) 5.3 umol/mmol
TMA-n-Oxide 37.7 umol/mmol
TMA/TMA-n-oxide atio 0.14 ratio
Comment: Normal result exclude trimethylaminuria
Dimethylglycine 2.6 Umol/mmol
Normal result excludes dimethylglycinuria

I don't really understand the result I was just gutted that I still had no idea what was wrong with me. I have heard about candida causing an odour but I have never had a yeast infection. I would like to go to my GP and asked to be referred to someone like dr. lachmann (spelling might be wrong). However I dont really know how the process works, last time i talked to my G.P. about it as with so many people on here he didnt seem to take the condition serious to the point where he stated I had no smell. Which I know is also a common complaint from suffers who see their GP. Any advice you could give me on getting referred would be great, thanks.
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Re: how to get a referral?

Postby Abyss » Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:37 pm

Dear Adrian,

Hi i'm sorry to hear that you're having problems at the mo. I am slightly in awe of your bravery in attending uni and jealous lol. Hang on in there. When i first found this site some people suggested that i download all the information i could include Dr Lachmanns place of work etc and then present it to my gp. I have had this TMAU a long time aswell and have people tell me there is nothing wrong. Recently i presented all my info to the gp and i had a test, urine sent off to Sheffiled to be tested at Dr Mannings lab. I would suggest you hand the sample in to nhs hospital i did not send it to a lab myself. If your gp iss still ignorant then i would suggest changing him and bringing up all of this matter with the new one. Be armed with the information though, try that first and make sure he knows that you are looking desperately for a way to get some answers. Bring up this forum at the next meeting. Clue up on the info and when you have another test, eat what dr mannings lists on the q and a section, beans on toast and egg. Have a look through this forum, take a day, print the stuff out and keep your spirits up.

I will be cheering you on!

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Re: how to get a referral?

Postby Adrian » Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:16 pm

Hey abyss, thanks for the reply and the advice. Do you know where I can get relevant information to give to my GP? On the old forum vbullet there was like a whole section of things to print out and take to your GP but I dont see anything like that on the new forums. Do you know where it has all gone? Would be a shame if all the post have been deleted.

As for me attending uni don't be jealous it is an absolute nightmare I ahte every minute of it I dunno if I will pass this year because my smell has got so bad that i cant even sit in a 2hour class without making everyone uncomfortable, and of course having to put up with the comments. I am hoping to start a business soon, as soon as i have enough money i dont intend to go back to education ever again. What do you do?
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