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Postby Abyss » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:25 pm

Today i woke up at ten to seven and spent an hour in the shower to go to the doctors. An hour of freezing cold water, because apparently hot waters no good. So if bathing like i was native norweigan or however you spell it psd me off, the rest of the day well theres not enough swear words to vent.

The journey to the gp surgery. Nine, nine idiots including the builders outside and general low public. How big of them to share their thoughts on how i smell and i am ugly, lovely. The tally went up to fourteen when i hit the surgery, two stupid trailer trash women who look the kind to breed with their brothers, and the ugly sisters the receptionists, plus one. Thats not counting the chemist who are ignorant cows.

This is how professional it is, while sitting down, with my mother, who i just wanted to slap the crap of, the trailer trash commented about my medical condition, diabetes, so they must go in there quite alot to recognise me, with my memory for faces i have trouble quite alot remembering anybody. They said just because i have diabetes doesnt mean i can walk around like that, someone should've told me i stank by now.
My mother was already a bag of nerves, so i left it at 'you know what its not actually my fault, i cant help it.' So far today i avoided actually going to prison to be told ..... after nearly god knows thow many years i have TMAU.

I thought it would make me more acceptable to myself and yet i have come home armed with antibiotics and acting like a pure BRAT i have completey lost it and smashed up the house.

They have to run more tests but i have it. Told gp thats why im so sick because of the smell nobody wants me in their hospital long enough to help me. He was quite cool about it actually, asked how i'd come across TMAU. Told me well done. At least i have the results and cream for the burns. Told the dr that i had enough of people giving hassle for this and i was finding it hard not to go awol on someone else. He was professional and told me to just forget them but it is harder to do.
Completely forgot to ask about hysterectomy. Next time.

Better clean things up, lol. At least i can yell top notch at someone that i actually have this rare disorder the next time they start. Then they can go to Hell. Feel a bit better, thanks for the forum. Its great. Hope every body on here wins the lottery then maybe we could buy up loads of land, kick these idiots to the kerb and tell them they're not fit enough to live in our society. No muppets lol!

Abyss x
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Re: Diagnosis

Postby Lisa » Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:35 am

Abyss, just a quick one, did you know that getting stressed etc can make the condition worse?
If possible I would seek someone to talk to about all of this if I were you, it's not good to be so negative all the time, it will wear you out. You must get some control for all this anger, and release it in a positive way.
Wish you all the best, and lots of luck.
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Re: Diagnosis

Postby Abyss » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:35 pm

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