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Will my siblings be affected?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:26 am
by Sophie1999

I'm currently waiting for my second test results to come through, my first suggested I didn't have tmau / had type 1. If I do have type one, what is the likelihood of my siblings having the condition? I don't think my mum and dad have any symptoms, I personally haven't smelt anything on them, but today I noticed in the room my brother was sat in that there was a strong sweet smell, kind of like paint which he may have emitted. He hasn't said anything about having a problem or getting any nasty remarks, but he is aware that I'm being tested for a metabolic disease. I really don't think he would cope well if he too had this disease, so I'm hoping and praying that he doesn't :(.

Thank you x

Re: Will my siblings be affected?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:50 pm
by PoetFire
I wouldn't worry for him if he doesn't feel he has a problem.

for most of us, TMAU1, I think is a slight 'weakness' in the enzyme, rather than good/dud, and probably people dip in and out of the zone.
many with the minor faults may never smell.
others may smell occasionally and never realise.

its an enzyme that should work at say 95%+ at all times.
many of us are probably at that but sometimes may slip slightly due to minor faults.
also there is the 'tma load', which may be caused by say 'gut dysbiosis'. perhaps if the load is never too high, the person will not smell (thats the theory).

so for most its not black or white they will smell or not.
its more a % game where most of us might sometimes fall to 90% rather than 95% etc.

i think its quite a common problem.
the 2 most common faults (currently said to be normal on their own but some speculate may cause transient problems when compounded) ... about 10% are estimated to carry them both.

Re: Will my siblings be affected?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:35 pm
by justdontknow12
Im in the process of being tested and im petrified my son has it. Dont think i could cope with this as hes only 5

Re: Will my siblings be affected?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:51 pm
by Sophie1999
Hi justdontknow12, don't panic before you've got your results back, you may not have tmau it could well be something else, and like poetfire was saying, even if you have it does not guarantee your son will! :) what symptoms have you been experiencing? Always here to chat if you need! X

Re: Will my siblings be affected?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:35 pm
by Sophie1999
PS, thank you so much for your response poetfire! Much appreciated x