Positive first test results..

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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby Lisa » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:55 am

Hi all, what probiotics is everyone taking?
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby kittycat » Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:01 pm

Don't forget to take the probs on an empty stomach (thanks smelly), which is quite handy if you're taking char/champ/nullo after food... Also, when I'm in a threatening situation :? (other people call it a pub, with happy strangers having a drink with their mates!!) I've started imagining I've got some of the people from this forum around me. Calms me down. Give it a go....I'll be there in spirit to protect you :D Kx
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby Maisie » Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:55 pm

Hi Kittycat

kittycat wrote:Yes, I think it was really bad kelly, judging by the way some people fell back with shock and horror :o and it travelled! Even in the open air. But I used to say to myself that at least I wasn't disfigured, disabled, or in constant pain. I've been on the diet (sort of) and taking daily probiotics for about 7 years. But only taking the serious probiotics, and charcoal, more recently, so I'd like another test to see if TMA's improved even more. Don't get your hopes up too much tho, remember I'm not hormonal these days either. Good luck with the house sale, love kx

I was interested to read your comment about not being hormonal any more. It's been three years now since I had a period, does TMAU get better as you get older and past the menopause? I was diagnosed last week with TMAU1 and I've been having comments on the smell since I was about ten.
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby flower » Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:06 pm

I was little upset by seeing others results.
I thought my results are sky high...
I thought I never going to work again and that I was going to cry all day long. But I will go further, I will not get depressed but enjoy live....
I was talking about this with my co-worker....
I told her that I maybe going to look after another job....
She says I must not worry about this so much...
that I must not leave my job because of her....
Maybe I have luck...
I go to do everything possible to reduce the odor and then do a new test and I will see....

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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby kittycat » Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:31 pm

Hi Lisa
I'm taking 4 Jarrow probs a day, but a lady on the yahoo forum today said she takes 10!!! She didn't mench the make tho. Kx
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby kittycat » Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:17 pm

Hi Maisie
As you're a tmau1 sufferer it might be different, but my odour was much worse the day before and for about the first 3 days of my period, but seemed to improve at menopause. But that might just have been because I started taking Prozac to help the hot flushes etc. and I was working with much nicer people so the 'feedback' wasn't so loud. Less nervous sweating.... I think I remember your tma wasn't as high as some, so maybe being primary isn't necessarily more severe than 2. And docs will be more interested in you because you are so rare. It might be that as you only stopped your periods 3 years ago you're still classed as menopausal, and not post menopausal, so, if there are benefits, you aren't reaping them yet. love kx
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby oldskool » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:29 pm

wow, it's really interesting to see the different ratios and levels amongst people! (and confusing!!)
bigvern, many thanks for the poll link!
Maisie, my test indicated TMAU1. Flower, I was advised to send a 2nd pee test "when the odour was present", so I took the opportunity to eat a steak and two king prawns at a family meal over the weekend, which would generally make me stink. Funny thing was, the next day I didn't smell half as bad as expected (according to my mum and boyfriend..) but I still think the urine test should be positive..
Kittykat, that's amazing! i've gone through phases of being way smelly, then years of less smelly, and now i'm somewhere in the middle... i guess age and hormones are playing havoc with my smell..

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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby SmellyKelly2 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:53 pm

Just want to ask you a bit more about your odour reduction.
I have been on the diet for about 4 months, but as my recent posts show I am still along way from better.
How many months do you think that you did the protcol before seeing a real improvement?
I am going to do anti-candida diet as well, hoping that will help.
Also, I have only had one course of antibiotics, so far and have not continued with the probotics for now (just continued the diet).
But will start the whole protocol again after xmas when I get my tests latest urine results.
Otherwise running out of ideas as to what else to do.
Grateful for any info.
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby kittycat » Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:16 pm

Hi sk
Sorry your hol got spoilt by comments in the pub. However I think some of them were probably nothing to do with you, this condition makes you so nervous and paranoid, (I'm talking about me, too) Your boyfriend's extremely mad neighbours have taken all your confidence away. I think, in a way, it's because you are a kind and gentle person, that it's worse for you. Life gave me a hard edge, so when I was sunbathing in the hot sun and my neighbours were saying 'Poo, how can SHE even stand that smell!!' I just smiled to myself and thought that I was glad the wind was blowing it in their direction, and not toward the lovely people who lived the other side! And I thought I was nervous and shy!
I think my odour improved when I read about the diet and probiotics. Even then the diets didn't include coffee etc., but did mench milk products so I went onto rice milk, and now prefer it. It also improved as the hormones subsided, but I now think that the constant painkillers I lived on, probably made the odour worse but we didn't know about that then. I even took them for ovulation as I used to get IBS symptoms then, and my entire cycle was only 19days since I was 11. I can only conclude that a bland diet and high doses of proper probiotics, and a life of low stress is your best option. And as few prescribed drugs as you can manage.
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Re: Positive first test results..

Postby kittycat » Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:32 pm

Sorry, thought I'd log out before I lost the post, I've been going on a bit!
What made you stop the probiotics sk ? I think it's better to have a boyfriend who can't smell you, I always got dumped by ones who could catch my drift! :? And the disgust on their faces wasn't a good look :evil: but we live and learn. Get back on the probiotics before you start guzzleing all those prawns :D and I hope you have a lovely Christmas. love kittyx
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