Could I have TMAU?

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Could I have TMAU?

Postby wallydrag » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:22 pm

Hi just recently found out about this tmau thing after 2 years of having no idea what is wrong with me. I have a horrid smell coming from my penis, hair and ears.

So about 2 years ago I started getting a extremely rancid fishy odour under my fourskin. This came about soon after having sex with a girl who also seemed to have a mild smell down below but assured me she was clean. I went and got checked up and turns out I was free of STI's. Went and got chucked for a UTI, nope all clean. Saw mulitple doctors who all said it looks fine as theres no other symptoms and kept telling me to just "take better care of cleaning it...". I was given some mupirocin cream which actually helped get rid of the smell, but it soon came back after i stopped using it.

Then about 1 year later my hair, scalp and ears started releasing this other foul smell, not fishy but just a very unpleasant unhygienic smell. You can smell it soon after popping out of the shower, and same with the penis. Though the penis smell seems to be worse on different days.

Feeling super depressed and how the doctors wouldn't seem to help i decided to buy some anti biotics online metronidazole and azithromycin. metronidazole Was taken in 1 go and seemed to clear up the penis smell, but then that came back a few days later. The azithromycin i took since its used for BV and i assumed maybe i caught BV from the girl. The azithromycin was taken over 7 days and seemed to work even better, as it cleared up not only my penis smell but the smell from my ears and hair, felt human again. But sadly the smell returned. So i started googling more and more the finally found out about tmau and this site.

I also have extremely bad arm-pit odour which I have always delt with by using antiperspirant sure for men stick which seems to cover that, if i don't use that it will smell terrible even if im just sitting on my ass all day. I always thought it was just bad b-o but after finding out about tmau maybe its something to do with that also.

Affected me quite badly this as i literally never go out. I'm 25 years old and work from home doing some programming. But i avoid meeting people am pretty depressed because of it.

Would the best thing for me to do to ask my gp to get tested for TMAU or get a referral to one of the doctors mentioned on this site?
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Re: Could I have TMAU?

Postby Benie » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:57 pm

Your gp won't know what tmau is and I don't think you get tmau by having sex with someone who smells bad or someone who has tmau and I don't think it makes your penis smell bad but than again I don't have a penis
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