please help me

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please help me

Postby ashbash22 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:50 am

hi im a 22 year old male and have been dealong with this problem for the last 2 years, im close to losing my job because off all the days off sick i have and i am currently suffering with really bad anxiety and migranes due to my problem constantly been on my mind from pretty much the second i wake up,

i believe i have tmau from reading other peoples posts on this forum, i too cannot smell myself but seem to know when i am smelling bad, normally after meals. but at random times aswell.

its so embarrasing, ive been at a party before when people where moving out off the way off me when ever i wemt near them, at which point i went outside by myself and orderd a taxi home. when the taxi came i got in and before we even got to the end of the street the taxi driver had wound down every window to the bottom and drove the whole journey with his hand over his nose! and i could not smell anything at all.

i am a very clean and concious person i bath or shower twice daily and i am forever spraying myself with deoderant and aftershave. i am really struggeling as its stoppig me doing lots of things in my life, for example driving. i just cant bare to start my driving lessons! its bad enough when i get into the blokes car who drives me home from work and him and his brother both look at each other in disgust and wind down all the windows!

any advice for me i would really appreciate and also
does any body else suffer from bowel/ stomach problems? simular to those off IBS?
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Re: please help me

Postby dodge1980 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:55 am

Hi Ashbash,

Please don't let this take over your life. I know it's tough. Ive been lucky to a certain extent in that I suffer with intermittent attacks but I have felt the same way you do in the past. Go to your gp and get the ball rolling with getting tested and don't be put off just because they've never heard of it. Also, with regards to the job aspect, if you can speak to your bosses and explain why, although it is tough honesty is the best policy. Also the more you stress about it the worse it gets apparently.

You could try Activated charcoal, copper chlorophyllin and riboflavin (vit B2) all have been shown to be helpful and available from health food shops or online.

Please don't despair, now you have found this site and know about the condition you are on the first step to getting help.

good luck and chin up.
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