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Hi :-)

Postby needhelp1 » Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:27 pm

Hi im new to this forum, and thought i would introduce myself.
Basically i came to this forum because the other evening i was watching a program about tmau but i am begining to wonder if I have this disease/problem myself?
My smell or scent is not fishy but quite foul smelling??? ( not sure how bad but realise it is bad enough for people to comment on) but i don't think it is from my urine or sweat? i am aware that it is from my colon ie like a continuous passing of gas that never seems to stop and i have had this problem for many years now. if it is not tmau i was wondering if anybody had other ideas on what it could be???

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Hi :-)

Postby bigvern » Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:45 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum :D

TMAU has been described has having other odours rather than a fishy smell for some people, however I've never specifically heard of it being related to passing gas, my own knowledge suggests if you have tmau then it eminates through breath/sweat/urine and the people I know of who have TMAU do not specifically complain of increased passing of gas, but it's a complicated disease when all said and done. If you look on the TMAU home page there's info on how to get tested, at least if it's negative you can rule it out and look for other causes. sorry couldn't be more help all the best..
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