Probably have TMAU...

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Re: Probably have TMAU...

Postby c64 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:29 pm

Weak wrote:Remember that it is all based on genetics. It is the same as how some people are born lactose intolerant. You were just born with a body that is weak when it comes to digesting Trimyth... and others around you were not. Now as far as other conditions that have the same symptoms as TMAU they also have the same treatments. Which is basically the TMAU diet. Although in some situations the TMAU diet may be overkill, I would still recommend going through with the TMAU diet and then as you get better you slowly introduce foods to your system to see which ones you can and cannot eat.

Apart from that there is also candida and some other kinds of fungal infections that have similar symptoms as TMAU, for that you will need to take special medicine which you can find by googling candida. But in all honesty the thing about the DNA test is that I am pretty sure that is only for TMAU1 which is a genetically inherited intolerance to trimyth... and does not include TMAU2 which is one that is gained overtime(I could be wrong, but i doubt it).(After re-reading the passage it does say "TMAU1" which is the genetically inherited for of TMAU, and is also very rare. TMAU2 is alot more common than TMAU1).

Remember that FMO3(aka vitamin B) is merely a chemical that helps the body create the stuff that breakdown TMAU into TMAU-N-Oxide which is the none smelly version of TMAU. If it worked in your body then you would not smell. Now the reason for your body stopping to breakdown TMAU can vary but the solution is always a low TMAU precursor diet. (precursors = choline, sulfer, and nitrate) By restricting what you eat you reduce the amount of TMAU you bring into your body which gives your body less TMAU to breakdown if it can break down any at all. What is left over is excrete through your sweat, urine, saliva and creates the smell. Less intake = less excreted, less excreted = less smell.

Now if were not talking about TMAU at all but some other disease or condition then you will have to look into that. But TMAU is pretty distinct in odor and discovery as not many other conditions increase the ammount of TMAU in the bloodstream to my knowledge. Which is why getting tested is so important. It help varify what condition you have. And like explained above wether or not it is TMAU if the amount of Trimyth... in your blood or urine is high then the solution is often the same which is a low TMAU precursor diet.

Sorry for only replying now, I haven't been following this thread. I'm trying to eat as less choline foods as I can, and I've noticed a difference. There was days when I smelled bad (without any sweat at all) in 1 hour or so, just sitting on a chair, this week I've been avoiding choline foods (I can avoid even more) and that didn't happen. I still did a bit when I did exercise on my school, but I guess to not smell bad (or just a bit, like everyone else) I can't eat any choline.

Also, I'm quite sure I don't have TMAU-1. As I said, I do smell really bad sometimes, however it doesn't seem to be as bad as some people on documentaries. I guess I can consider myself sort of lucky for that.
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Re: Probably have TMAU...

Postby c64 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:34 pm

timid wrote:Hi C64 it sounds to me like it could be just your hormones making your underarms and upper body smell, my son had this problem at your age too, 3 years later there's no odour at all, but he still worries about it as he was slagged a little about it at scholl back then and always asks me if he smell ok, but there's never a smell off him anymore. Try mitchum deo, it's very good and keeps you really dry, and drink plenty of water, good luck x

Thanks for your reply, but I've already lost my faith on deodorants. I've already tried these:

Code: Select all
- Some Vasenol one
- Rexona for Men Cobalt Blue Roll-on
- Nivea for Man Silver protect 48h spray
- Axe Dark Temptation (normal version, not the Dry)
- Adidas Action3 Pro level roll-on (the red one)
- Nivea for Man dry impact 48h roll-on
- Rexona for Men cobalt blue spray
- Dove Men+Care Clean Confort spray
- Fa Caribbean Lemon spray
- Loreal men expert carbon protect spray

And they made me smell even worse. Also, I think I already have TMAU-2 and I'll have it for life.
I tried drinking a lot of water, but I didn't notice any difference on my BO and I peed a lot more...
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