I'm New and not fluent english

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I'm New and not fluent english

Postby bbalert » Thu May 10, 2012 10:59 am

Hi All, Im a 37 yrs old and i have my lovely 5 years old daughter. I have been married for 11 years and i having had this Odour since i was 13 yrs. when i was young i thought i have problem with my teeth or gum, i keep going to see dentist and spent a fortune ....also i keep buying deordrant and perfumes with every kind.....just thought i could get rids of my smell !!! However nothing ever works ..when i got married with my husband most of people who knows my problem must feel really sorry to my husband and they all must wondered if we are going to last ?? When i had my daughter i always feel really strong of trying to search the way to get rids of my smell as I feel it's not fair for my daughter and i love to be able to kiss her properly as same as i wanted to kiss my husband for a long long period and more often. I look and search online everywhere about bad breath, i was trying with any home remedies to cure how to stop that problem and i went to see my doctors and keep telling her problem but she was laughing and didn't think i have it !!! she keep sending me to have my blood test for liver function or kidney and also testing my gut. I was so desperate and started to come out and spoke to my husband about it and i end up had a lot of fight and argument with him as he was trying to tell me that i'm not smell and he never think i have any problem. Last few weeks ago god sent me the newspaper about one woman who has just dianosed to this illness and after all i feel such a relieve big time!!!! .....my husband has read and read and understand more about it and right now he is so supportive, he was trying so hard to get doctor to give me a quick referral to Dr. Larchman in UCL. It was yesterday i met him and get to explained all my problem and i just wanted to tell all of you in here ......i really feel like i was reborn again with my new life, i now feel like i can see the light shining in the end of tunnel. Last 3 months ago my kid's friends called me Stinking poo, i was crying in the toilet and didn't want to live my life anymore, i was isolated myself from all of my friends because i don't want anyone around me suffer from my smell !!!!
I'm really sorry if my english is so hard to understand, as i'm not native. I have just found out from the last 10days before i went to have a test that Charcoal and copper cholophill are the best and helping me to feel like a normal person again ....i also find out anyday if i drinking a lot of water, it's really clear up the smell and body odour!!! The day before i went to have a test i have loaded a lot of eggs and salmon to make sure that i have a proper result but also i was so nervous that i might be too smell on the train and doctor might not be able to handle to talk to me ....so what i did was drinking water all day even without all supplements and even i have to eat a lot of Choline food but believe me or not, it was so weird i wasn't smell and noone cover their nose and even Dr. Larchman told me that he didn't smell anything bad on me at all
Hooray!!! finally i think i have my life back a little bit and i feel like i will never forget drinking water no matter what !!! so i hope you all could have a try !
i also got a meal plan from the nutritienist if anyone need a week meal plan please lets me know i will send you a copy and all the good informations that i can share to anyone who hasn't got tested !!!
Thank you all for make this sites so helpful and you all just make my life come back again !!! Good luck for everyone !!!
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Re: I'm New and not fluent english

Postby Glasgowguy » Thu May 10, 2012 3:18 pm

Hello bbalert. I'm sorry to hear you have been having trouble dealing with tmau. But happy to hear your finding ways to deal with it and try and keep it under control. Being around kids is such a scary and nerve racking time cos they are so honest and straight to the point. I reckon that's up there at the top of the scariest moments to be in. I try and stay away from kids if I'm out and about. Haha that sounds terrible. If you feel your breathe is quite bad I use retardex mouthwash. Pretty good at keeping the mouth feeling fresher for longer.
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Re: I'm New and not fluent english

Postby kittycat » Fri May 11, 2012 3:31 pm

Hi bbalert...What an inspiring post :D you explained all your experiences perfectly...and I'm sure we all related to what you have suffered..So glad that things are improving for you, and your partner is being so supportive...Have a lovely summer (with lots of kisses) :D kcx
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