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Postby Galwaygirl » Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:27 pm

Hi from Galway girl though it is a long time since I lived in that county. I have known that I have some sort of breath/body odor problem for a long time. I researched bad breath and halitosis and eventually found this site. I am a mature student of somewhat vintage years (50s). I completed a foundation course at this college and am now a full time student doing English and New media. One day while on the Access course (foundation course) we were asked to go into pairs. I went to sit beside a girl that I was friendly with. It was obvious that she did not want me though at the time I did not know why. She turned out to some of the other women in the class and started making faces indicating that I smelled. At the time I thought maybe I was not showering or using mouthwash, etc. So I started to be very careful around this area. Then I started to notice other people's reaction and I became a bit paranoid.
When the other half and myself were in the car he would often put on the air conditioning even if it was not necessary. I began to distance myself from others and would not go to certain events because I did not for the life of me know what was wrong. I was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of being with other people if I smelled like Lord alone knows. last year a few times I inquired of the other half if I had a problem but he denied that there was a problem. Twice he denied that there was a problem. (trying to not hurt my feelings?). When I found this site I registered and started reading the posts. I saw Ellie on the Food Hospital program. Unfortunately hubbie was not with me at the time. I have not tried to get tested yet as I realize that any sample will have to be send over to UK. (I live in Ireland).
Actually I am in UK at the moment visiting my brother who is in a nursing home. He is about to celebrate his 60th birthday (Happy Birthday). I arrived today on the plane. After checking into a hotel I rested and went to see him (first time in nearly 2 years although my other sister has been). We went up to his room which was warm. After a while he became uncomfortable and wanted to open the door. The heat was high and he was obviously getting the smell. Unfortunately it was so bad that he got sick just before I left. Of course I blamed myself completely and I do not know if I even have this disease. I was so upset that I went for a walk in the park near the home and then went to get the bus back to hotel. It is freezing at the moment and I was very cold by the time the bus came. Then the bus went a slightly different way and I have to get off and find my own way back.

Well that is my story for now. I suppose i will have to get myself tested by someone as I am at the end of my tether. I have completed a lot of personal development courses. I have gotten huge benefit from them. There is one course that I love (PRH). The facilitator keeps sending me information about new ones and I just do not feel up to doing this due to the obvious. The facilitator has a house where you could eat your dinner off any floor any day of the week. It is her own home and I would be awkward sharing in those circumstances. I am going to a play tonight and will let you all how I get on.

Keep up the good work. All the best for now Galway girl.
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Re: New to forum

Postby mel304067 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:56 pm

Hi galwaygirl!
I totaly get your situation.I've always been like this for as long as I can remember, so I too sympathise with the college situation. I've spent years running back to the doctor when its been real bad and I've been down about it, only for him to say its in my head. Its only been the press in the last couple of years which has made my doctor take notice and now I have a lovely new lady doc who's very interested i'm getting help! (even though she's learning too)
Your best bet is to go back again armed with info from this site and get your doc to look on here regards testing ect. Look through everyones idea's on here how they handle it with diet/supps ect and be sure your not alone!!!
There's always support here!
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Re: New to forum

Postby smelly » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:18 pm

Hi Galway girl,

my family are from your way and your post made me feel a bit emotional and reflective :|

I was dwelling on what advice I would give myself to deal with this condition better..... if I was able to go back into a time machine to the exact point where I realized the people who said I 'really stank' were right and the doctors who were telling me I was paranoid and didnt have body odour were wrong.....This is the 'to do' list , in order .....

1) stop eating fish and eggs and beans, and moderate alcohol (this wont kill you and will give the biggest reduction in odour if you do have TMAU - you can get bogged down in food details at this stage when you should be focussing elsewhere)

2) tell as many people as possible that you are researching and being tested for metabolic conditions that appear to be giving you a terrible body odour WHICH YOU CANNOT SMELL. Force yourself to say this every time someone hints at an odour. This will let them know you cannot predict and therefore apologise for the odour, and will reassure them that you are 'doing something about it' and prevent the hints and gestures turning into full blown abuse which will make you more introverted and less likely to seek help and reassurance from others which will make you end up a basket case like 'me in the future' :twisted: :lol:

3) start to deal mentally with any issues you have developed as a result of the condition, others cruelty towards you, embarrasment at having to be so open about your medical issues with people you might not naturally want to be so open with, etc. Take any counselling, anti-depressants, sleeping pillls you need, to get you in a healthy state of mind before progressing any further. You likely wont be offered any of this, so be prepared to push for it.

Only once these have been dealt with would I start to devote energy to arranging a test, fine tuning a diet, supplements, working out how to assess what is working if you cant smell the odour yourself , what to do if the TMAU test is negative etc.

Because there was nothing in the public arena about metabolic body odour conditions when I was going through this, I did everything the other way round - emmersing myself in research whilst neglecting the communiction side of things - a sad result of my upbringing that medical problems are shameful and somehow self inflicted. By the time I got a diagnosis of TMAU positive it was a hollow victory because I was emotionally burnt out and had lost interest im telling anyone why I smell because I didnt particularly care what they thought - part of the coping mechanism during the years of not knowing what why etc etc

You can ask us all questions on how to get along with this - even if you test TMAU negative there is loads of info that we can direct you to that will probably reduce the odour - but I'm not really aware of people who have lost the odour completely and permanently so the best approach is making sure you can deal with what happens mentally, whatever the medical outcome. :)
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Re: New to forum

Postby kittycat » Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:23 pm

Such good advice from smelly :ugeek: Psychological help is as important as dietary advice, for those living with malodour syndromes.. Accept all help offered....kcx
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