are my symptoms same as yours ?

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are my symptoms same as yours ?

Postby jvg » Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:36 pm

Hi all
I am not sure if I have TMAU or not I am hoping to be tested for it soon!
My symptoms are as follows:
I get really strongs smells down my nose,(smoky, burnig rubber, sulphur, gone off food smells, pooy smells, and indiscribable smells)
Worse after eating or drinking (hot or cold) food and drink. (smoking)
It is nearly permanant, it is all I can think of and is making me paranoide!
I have asked family members and doctors if they notice smell and they all say no!
I have not had any bad reactions from public (I use buses frequently) and no reactions from friends but I do feel as if people are talking about me (paranoid)
I have not got the nerve to ask friends incase they take the mick! And I am scared of the answer YES
Please can you list your own symptoms so i can get some idea as to what other people get.
I have seen interviews on tv and most say they cant smell it thier selves! (Thats why i am unsure because i can smell these smells down my nose) I am hoping I just have a very high sence of smell (wishfull thinking)
I will be gratefull for all replies.
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Re: are my symptoms same as yours ?

Postby Abyss » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:28 am

Dear jvg

I can smell mine, it will mess with your head especially when people say no they cant smell when they obviously can. Perhaps you should just wait for testing no? Maybe see if you can cut out fish and eggs, try the diet have a proper delve into this sight, theres alot of info on here from alot of excellent people. Trust me on this one. Today i managed to be able to step outside and go christmas shopping. It was a big event and no it wasn't down to the drs it was down to this site. So stop panicing, relax and read through the faq's and if you're lucky enough to have friends try talking to them about it, you'll probably find that they wont take the mick but instead support you.

All the best

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Re: are my symptoms same as yours ?

Postby mel304067 » Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:41 am

Dear jvg,
I also can smell my own self! If you want to try talking to your mates about it try taking the mick and making a laugh out of it? I tackled myne this way and I think they found it easier to admit there was a problem. It all depends on how sensitive you are about it around them. Just a suggestion? Post any progress and have a nose at other peoples ways of handling the situation/diet on here! Its been my rock!
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