Going Crazy

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Going Crazy

Postby Nini23 » Wed May 17, 2017 1:38 am

Hi Everyone,

Although I have been suffering from this since the age of 16 (approx. 7 yrs ago) I am just getting on this forum because I seem to be losing all faith. Basically, I cannot do testing in my country but I have what I think are telltale TMAU symptoms such as people complaining about a fishy odor on numerous occasions, (I can't smell it), people rubbing or covering their noses around me but my boyfriend and immediate family do not smell it. recently tried counselling with a counselor who was very straight up and told me that she had clients referred by employers for BO but she could not smell anything at all on me...this was at the end of a long day in a sweaty uniform :shock:

Now I just feel crazy..what are the odds that wherever I go people must cover their noses, or on various occasions people complain about a smell that I can't detect? Why can't my boyfriend or counselor smell it? I work in an office reception and worry that the smell is wafting down the corridors into closed offices...is this likely? I also ride a bike to work (motor) and notice that when cyclists on pedal bikes get near me they immediately hold their head down as if smelling their "below areas" which makes me self conscious as i believe I have a more fishy/genital odour (i've already ruled out any infection) People also do this when sitting in reception, or pretend to tie their shoes that were already tied to begin with. I really don't know how I'm going to make it in this job.

...any advice for me? Do others experience the same thing or could I just be paranoid? I just wish someone would say something to me so I could figure out if this is really happening or not.
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