I'm not sure if I have TMAU?

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I'm not sure if I have TMAU?

Postby tulips » Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:39 am

Hi All!

I'm thankful to have found this forum. I'm not sure if I suffer from this disease or not, but i have had a problem with odor since my early teen years. Here are some details:
*odor problem began at about age 13-14
*definitely sweat more than others
*I can occasionally tell there is an odor in my armpits
*occasionally the problem is so significant people can smell me across a room (15 feet). I cannot smell it when this happens.
*I have a huge difficulty getting odor out of the armpit region of clothes
*I also suffer from a mood disorder. The times when the smell was really severe MAY have been times when my judgement was impaired - it is possible that on those occasions I was wearing clothing that hadn't been washed but I'm not sure.
*the smell has been described as "BO", "shit", and "death". The person who described it as "death" is a nurse and actually believes I may have a very very serious health problem. She works in a hospital and says cancer patients often take on that type of odor.
*my family says I have always had an odor problem (I overheard my uncle, a physician, say this); many friends say this is untrue
*I'm also pretty sure there are many times when the odor is either absent (people make friends with me, invite me to social gatherings, men are obviously attracted to me) or at a level low enough that most people don't notice

What does everyone think? Does this sound like TMAU? Or a different odor problem? I am considering having Miradry (it's a cosmetic treatment that kills sweat glands in the armpits) because I'm pretty sure most (at least some) of my odor comes from the armpits.

Thanks to everyone for reading.
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