hi, im new here

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hi, im new here

Postby jony » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:37 am

hi every1 i hust recently found out about TMAU and this website, i hav had a strong body odur since i was like 13 and as i got older it got worser, im depresed 24/7 i think im starting hav mental problems bcs of this, i mean i feel excluded.every1 has got a screw face and looking at me like im nothing, every were i go i constantly keep hearing "ehhhhh WATS THAT SMELL" and that really does get on my nerve. i probabably wash more than any body else but at the end the results always the same i end up stinking, this has been a serious problem for me,and the smell is not only coming from my armpit it comes from all over my body, so iv concluded that i hav TMAU, i havnt been diagnosed, but im sure its TMAU, as i hav the symptoms.
i want to get diagnosed but then i say to myself wats the point, there is not even a cure for it, i mean i hav gaven up hope, i cut education bcs of the smell, i hav also had trouble finding a job, i mean whos going to employ a smelly person, peopl r judgmental these days, and just judge u right in ur face,"why dont u hav a bath","u stink","look at that tramp", u now its not very nice, mentaly i used to be a strong person but this has really knocked my confidence
recently i told a close relative about this, and it has helped a littlebit, as he gives me advise, and he tells to go see
my gp,and he also told me to recive job seekers allawance and even disability allawance, as it is hard for me to find work, but now i also want some advice from other people aswell on this, and is it possible for me to recieve allwances as i hav no income and im really poor which does not help my situation, and also were can i go to get diagnosed. ty every1
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Re: hi, im new here

Postby admin » Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:20 pm

Hi Jony,

Nice to see you on the forums,, sorry to hear about your problems but you are amongst friends here who understand what you are going through. Have a look at the getting diadnosed forum for some advice. In the meantime follow the advice below to try and get diagnosed, this is vital to determine if you do have trimethlylaminruia (tmau) - it can be managed - although you are correct that there is no 'cure'. let us know how you get on.

Most doctors haven't heard of tmau, having said all that it is a very rare condition and there are other medical causes of body odour. Do your symptoms include a fishy odour? (This is the most common description of the smell though there are others)

I would print this page out and ask your GP to have a look here (as it’s an NHS site he/she will give it the credence it deserves)

http://www.library.nhs.uk/skin/viewReso ... sID=276836

And then follow the link to here, if you can print that out and give it to your GP:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/bookshelf/b ... ylaminuria

when you click on the links I would open them in a new tab or page - there's a slight issue with the website at the moment that means they don't open in seperate page - I'm trying to get this resolved.

This should give him all the info he needs.

Once at that stage he should refer you for testing.

Sheffield Children’s hospital used to run Urine load tests - Dr Nigel Manning was in charge, I'm not sure if this is still the case (as I was tested a few years ago)

I myself have now been referred on to a specialist Dr in London.

It’s a lot to take in I know, keeps us updated on how you go.

In the meantime if you think you do have tmau check out the links page on the forums which will give you a list of foods and their Choline levels (this a precursor for tmau and you should try and keep this as low as possible whilst still eating healthily)

Cheers, admin :D
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