Test results

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Test results

Postby veryunlikely » Sat May 09, 2015 12:47 pm

Hi I am totally new on this forum and just got test results (01/05/15) after 30 odd years of suffering and being dismissed by doctors.

67.6 umol/mmol creat [ref 1.5-11.0]
Above high reference limit

TMA-N-OXIDE 1019.4 (ref 17.0-147) Significantly increased TMA and TMA oxide excretion

TMA/TMA-N-OXIDE 0.07 (ref 0.01-0.21)

GP says my oxidation is 67.6% which is mid range and suggests TMAU 2.

Would I be better off getting a DNA test with the TMA being in the thousands?
Is the oxidation calculation TMAO divided by (TMAO+TMA) x 100% . I read that affected individuals with 2 inactivating mutations have a ratio of <84% . Severely affected most of the metabolic product is TMA. Unaffected individuals have a ratio of more than 92%.

I am already vegan/veggie and have been for over 30 years . Got a B12 deficiency and IBS so not happy with having to follow the restrictive low choline diet ,(basically salad and fruit with avoidance of almost all things veggies should be eating) I have already lost 4 pounds in weight and on metranidazole antibiotics so can't even drown my sorrows !!! :o .
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