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Postby stephen_2013 » Thu May 01, 2014 10:06 am

hi i am a new member and i do have an embarassing odour i am a male 35 and from clitheroe lancashire and i do work for city link parcel delivery sorting parcels in warehouse and also i work at a pub at weekend and yes i have been called alsorts of names and things i went to see my dermatologist and told him about my problems and he ordered a test which has not been done yet as the path lab have never heard of it so i am waiting to see when i can get it done

the smell i have is not fish but of faeces i have told my work mates at city link but not at the pub yet
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Postby BlimeyAtLast » Thu May 01, 2014 4:53 pm

Hi Stephen, I'm still awaiting results of my urine test, was a bit concerned when GP said she would have to speak NHS biochemist to ensure they new about TMAU but was assured they did,that was 3 weeks ago.

You can pay to have this done privately about £180.

Not sure if having it diagnosed will help or not but at least I can educate the ignorant.....

Seems as though not many people use this site, maybe all the old members have found a cure or is the cure learning to live with it?

Best of luck anyway, I look in about once a week to see if anything new.
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Postby PoetFire » Fri May 02, 2014 7:12 pm

Hi Stephen

I think most of us describe our odor as fecal/gas/sulfide/amine like. I think in fact most of us have 'FMO3 malodor' which will result in smelling of many sulfides and amines mainly from the gut, but at the moment trimethylamine is the only metabolite tested for.

In theory the TMAU urine test should be an excellent biomarker of FMO3 function, although I'm worried it may give a lot of false negatives. But it's the only current test in town and in theory should be a good test of FMO3 function.

I should point out this is just my opinion and not proven.
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Postby beautifulsoul39 » Mon May 05, 2014 8:38 am

Hi ice spent years trying to find out what's wrong my smell was mainly poop from breath and really bad it was fish also i had my tonsils out,had tablets for ulcers,cameras up my bottom,i even paid a huge amount of money after selling my house to see the dentist at Harley street,i ate chewing gum till my jaw ached i actually started smoking coz i thought people would think it was because of that ,my doctors even gave me a counsellor until one day i decided yep i know going to sound weak but i was going to give up on life and by pure chance someone mentioned i smelt fishy bang tmau i begged my doc to do test yep i was right now i tell people coz i know its not my fault,you will find your own treatment plan and it doesn't happen overnight trust me ,one thing that makes it 100% worse is chewing gum ( soya) in it ,really start to look at your body your tongue,your poop etc can tell you a lot about internal health also look at sibo it is strongly linked to tmau just remember your not on your own
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