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Re: Drinking tea and coffee

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:48 am
by need help please
oh what are the big no nos' ? can you have grass fed cows milk ? or butter ? kirigold uses grass fed cows for thier products! tastey butter yum :mrgreen:

Re: Drinking tea and coffee

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2015 5:24 am
by ondine2
Taking Deodorex before drinking coffee helps to control the coffee odor later, I have found. One or two capsules, before and after, does the trick for me. Also, a light medium roast is better than a dark roast in this regard.

As for tea, I have found that using lemon juice in the tea, or taking a small amount of hydrochloric acid before drinking it, reduces the tea odor substantially. Of course, with hydrochloric acid, you must not take it on an empty stomach, thus necessitating the consumption of coffee cake,
toast, or other treats along with the tea.

I live in California, yet I can hardly get through a day without tea or coffee. Imagine trying to get through an English winter without them!
Best of luck to you all.