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Postby bubbles » Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:40 pm

Hey all,
I am of on my holidays since end of June and was away for ten days and I ate whatever I wanted, it wan't till day eight that the itching started, the general feeling of being bloated and unwell and the odour, nothing terrible but I could detect that sick/wet dog smell at times and my period was also due in a few days so that would have made things worse. Now had I been at work I know that this odour would have occurred much earlier as stress seems to make things worse for me. Now as I don't have to work over the Summer I have had the odd bit of cheese, chicken and even a few sausages to try to increase my protein intake, I dont mind so much as I am not going anywhere really but if I was working I wouldnt dare have these things at all. Now I went and got my bloods done to see if I was deficient in anything and I phoned in and calcium was normal ( taking a supplement plus had a few calcium rich foods in the last few days prior to tests) liver function normal, red blood cells normal, b12 normal but my iron had a note beside the receptionist said and I have to see the doctor about it, so i have to go tomorrow so as of yet I don't know how low it is but can anyone share ways they get iron on this low choline diet. Much appreciated Bubbles
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Postby Weak » Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:54 pm

Hey, I am taking this supplement of Rice Protien. It is vegan which maens theres no soy, gluten or anything else i think may be bad for us. Also it comes from rice which i hear is tolerable. Could it possibly be a good source of protien for people who suffer from Tmau?

You should check it out. ... B00014DLC4
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