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Re: Protein and calcium

Postby bubbles » Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:33 pm

Well S,
I went to a website that you put in your height, weight, sex etc and they converted roughly how much protein you should be getting.

Dairy, nuts and seeds i think lead to a fecal odour with me
Meat, egg, etc fecal, sick, wet dog, chemical odour.

Now I have read you should get your protein from a variety of sources but I simply cant cope with the odour and will have to abstain from meat, seeds and nuts i think in order for my own sanity and to feel less anxious and fearful at work. I had things re odour quite well controlled there for a good part of the month so introducing seeds and nuts, quinoa was my way of dealing with loss of muscle strength and pain in upper back and chest area but I cried all day on Thurs after coming home re bad day and still feel a bit down so I think for my own mental health and emotional well being I have to go back to the restrictive diet. I will get some more of the fruits mentioned in my earlier post that seem to have a higher protein count.

Porridge followed by mushroom on toast, a little red sauce.
Baked potato - salad with cucumber, beets (not soaked in liquid), some sun dried tomatoes and plain, roast veg (courgette, mushroom,pepper, celery) and some freefrom pasta.
Veg soup - with some grated potato, perhaps some added mung beans if I can found out there sulphur and nitrogen content is quite low.
Bagel with tomato or banana.
Salad sandwich.

Homemade Wedges, chips, potato, potato cakes, fried potato shallowed fried in live oil after boiling
Freefrom pasta and roasted veg
Salad, roasted veg.

Plenty of water I put lemon into it.

Supper - I might add a bagel as it has, a plain one, about 10mg of protein

Now I will try to claculate this to see how close I can get to 55 mg but I do think my body has a problem with protein sources namely fish, meat, dairy, nuts and seeds perhaps they are high in sulphur or nitrogen, I dont know but they seem problematic for me, although I think I will still be lacking in animal protein , fatty acids and omega 3 but if I introduce these cue that terrible odour that makes me just miserable and totally breaks my spirit, so it seems that I am damned if I do and damned if I dont!!!!
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Re: Protein and calcium

Postby Weak » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:44 pm

A plan that someone else on the forum did a while ago was waiting until friday(since they had nothing planned the entire weekend) And pigging out on foods they liked, then using the week end as a proccessing time to get the choline out of there system.

You could possibly do the same and pig out on foods extremely high in protein. It just depends on wether you have a day or 2 to yourself to get it out of your system.
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Re: Protein and calcium

Postby malory » Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:30 pm

I am in the same situation, bubbles. My diet is so restricted I won't advise anyone to follow it because i think it is dangerous.
However, quinoa is a fantastic food but very high in choline so i haven't touched it since my diagnosis back in 2010. I used to eat it a lot before diagnosis and i was much healthier and had higher iron levels. Now my legs ache when I climb a flight of stairs and I have no energy most of the time. Tahini is a great food for calcium but I'm not sure about it - it's made from sesame seeds and those are a no, no for choline levels.

Anyway, these are some of the positive things I am doing:
I have changed my calcium supplements as they contained maltodextrin. now I get Bio Health extra calcium + supplements which (supposedly) are additive free etc.
I make my own natural probiotic yogurt using yogurmet yogurt starter and an Easi Yo yogurt maker (the instructions are in the Specific Carboydrate Diet info available online). I make strawberry smoothies with lactofree milk (occasionally) or my own yogurt and dessicated coconut. I also have vegetable juices (with wheatgrass sometimes)
My vitamin B2 is from Natures Best not Holland and Barrett as the latter's products have additives etc.
I eat walnuts as needed (lowest choline content nut I think).
I eat lactofree cheese and kidney beans when needed. If i feel faint and anaemic i will actually eat parmesan cheese :o because of its high iron content. when menstruating i sometimes take Spatone iron supplement because, during this time of the month, nothing can stop me from smelling so i figure I might as well be healthy and smelly as opposed to sick and smelly.
I eat some vegetables, lots of berries and most fruits but try to avoid the high fructose ones which are forbidden by the FODMAP diet.
I don't eat any grains at all at present but i use coconut flour to make something starchy.

I don't intend to follow this diet for so long I fade away but I am finding the home-made yogurt very very useful. hopefully much of the lactose is consumed by the bacteria during the fermentation process so i don't worry about the lactose too much. My bowels work better and my tongue is a little less coated. I have had only minimal improvement in odour but then my body is a stubborn xxxxxx and can't cope with most foods :lol: Any improvement is worth the effort as long as we can remain healthy while doing it...
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Re: Protein and calcium

Postby bubbles » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:28 pm

Malory I think seeds and nuts might be worse for me than meat if that is possible, I think dairy might be the worse and high refined sugar things but I am no expert and just surmising from my own experience. Malorie I just looked at my calcium supplement and it contains Maltodetrin, could you tell me what this is please, i swear even supplements are a minefield, where do you source your calcium supplement from, could Maltodetrin have a laxative effect on your body because i find since taking it this seeems to be the case, I have become more regular almost everyday on this diet and my number twos are quite soft (sorry to be gross) as a result of this diet and supplements i suppose but the calcium seems to have compounded this, I take the B2 from Solgar, do you take charcoal and if so what type I get activated charcoal from H&B but I see it has sulphites in it and am looking for a new brand, i do think the activated charcoal is better than just the plain brand but i could be wrong here, I think the natures way one may have gelatin and I dont think this is good for us but again I have to check to be sure of that because I have viewed I don't know how many products lately and may be mixing it up.

I had food sensivity tests done and they showed up a severe reaction to eggs, refined sugar, msg and cows milk so i am afraid most dairy is out for me, my body cant seem to handle it. I might go Malory and get my bloods done to see if any deficiencies are showing up, there is an alternative clinic close to where I live that offers something like this and I might just go there to avoid my Gp who as lovely as he is, just in my opinion isn't entirely sold on the whole tmau diagnosis unfortunately and it doesn't help that before diagnosis I was treated for OCD re smell, now I think this was probably borne out of havng tmau that wasn't diagnosed for many years and it was only after another terrible humiliating episode last Summer that I said to myself that this isn't entirely all in my own head like everyone was saying, okay my family and friends cant smell it but it was very clear to me that people in the work place could, I stumbled across Tmau when reseraching odour conditions online and everything clicked, I got tested late Aug 2011 and got my results late Sep which showed that my urine indicated primary tmau and it has been a battle to try to get things under control , the only thing is I am very paranoid if someone so much as mentions a smell I think it is me, if someone scratches their nose I think it is me, if someone opens the window, I think oh no it is because of me, had someone in the medical community alerted me to tmau I dont think I would have had so many lost years and I believe the anxiety and paranoia would certainly not been as great as it is, though I have made huge strides forward with my diet and controlling this but like you i don't think it is very healthy long term and I worry about the impact it is having on my body and my overall health, how can it be when I am am largely depriving myself of a major food group.

Just a little add on I found the LIV52DS great and have found they have more or less taken away my yucky hair odour (sour milk) although I was on them a month before I saw the results.

Malorie when I ate whatever I wanted I found that my perfume smelt lovely somedays but then bad tmau days, it seem to greatly exaggerate it, I haven't really tried perfume or body spray because I have a real fear about using it and i could never smell when it was nice or not nice, since being on the low choline diet do you wear any scent, it just that I do miss it though obviously i wouldn't wear it at all if I thought history was going to repeat itself in that it would just make things worse.
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