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Re: Protein

Postby kittycat » Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:07 pm

The owner of the Yahoo forum, who is very knowledgeable, has just posted that sprouted mung beans are a good source of protein, and low in choline...kcx
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Re: Protein

Postby smelly » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:59 pm

Thanks kittycat, Im so happy about that because I quite like them.

If anyone wants to try them, you can probably buy them ready to eat in a health food shop but you can get tutorials on how to sprout your own on youtube etc and you can buy the mung beans in supermarkets these days. its really easy to sprout them, you basically add water to them to make them grow so the seed/bean opens up and starts growing roots, which sounds disgusting but they taste quite nice, like beansprouts that you get in chinese cooking but I think nicer than that.

Right, off to find my old sprouting jar.....
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Re: Protein

Postby matheera45 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:37 am

NotFun wrote:I've been experiencing something I'd like to share. I started the Atkins Diet about 3 weeks ago and I noticed that my body odor is completely gone. I started the diet to lose weight, not to cure the TMAU but it seems to be a very lucky side affect of the diet. I'm beginning to think it's because the diet eliminates sugar and all carbs (but not leafy green vegetables). Perhaps our bodies can't process the sugar and carbs the way other folks do. It's amazing how much sugar is in the average diet. It's in everything from ketchup to cold medicine. Since experts say that TMAU is caused by an inability to metabolize certain foods, enzymes, etc, it makes sense to think that it can be cured by adding or eliminating something in our diets. All I know is I'm convinced that the change in my diet is affecting this and I am thrilled. In a prior post I mentioned that calcium/magnesium/zinc vitamins were very helpful but the remedy was not foolproof and the condition came back every once on a while. So far this is working like a charm. I'd give up sugar and starches permanently if I didn't have to experience TMAU. It's such a cruel condition.

If you are diet conscious you should eat everything like sugar, salt, meat, poultry, ketchup, just do exercise and running and eat everything. You will feel better. That is what i think.
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