Osteoporosis , Essential Fatty Acids, Malory moans again

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Osteoporosis , Essential Fatty Acids, Malory moans again

Postby malory » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:51 pm

I don't want to scaremonger but I'm seriously worried about the fact that tmau sufferers are given a sheet with a list of low choline foods which we try to follow and, for those of us whose odour is stubborn, we end up eliminating virtually everything to the extent that we could cause ourselves damage later on in life.

I read an article by Duchess Camilla which explained that people following restricted diets can start off the beginnings of osteoporosis. Her mother died of osteoporosis. I didn't realise this disease was potentially lethal! Her poor mum had osteoporosis so badly that she was too bent over to eat or even breathe properly. She died in agony. Camilla was upset by the ignorance and dismissiveness of some of the doctors she dealt with so she has started to raise awareness of the importance of a balanced diet to avoid this condition.

I imagine/hope everyone takes calcium supplements already (we need to try and get these on prescription i think) but I would still urge people to not restrict their diets too much. My chiropractor advised me to take fish oil, even if it worsened my odour, as he thought I was lacking in these . I haven't had the courage to take fish oil yet but I have been taking hemp seed oil for a week as I am off work. I feel much better for it. :)

Even if we find an improvement with a restricted diet, I don't think it is good to restrict our food intake. Taking supplements may not even guarantee our health; some vitamins/minerals can be difficult to absorb in tablet form. I know it is hard to absorb iron unless you take vitamin C simultaneously, for example. I don't think we should simply accept this diet protocol. we should be getting signatures on that MEBO RESEARCH PETITION to ensure our views get heard and research gets done. I can just imagine a teenager with tmau restricting their diet to 3 or 4 foods on that diet sheet and doing harm to their bodies in the long term. I know that women who opt for hysterectomy also increase their chances of developing osteoporosis.


Before diagnosis a year ago, I was healthy but smelly. Now I am unhealthy and smelly. Be careful everyone with following diets. Our health is a gift and tmau should not get in the way of that.
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Re: Osteoporosis , Essential Fatty Acids, Malory moans again

Postby smelly » Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:55 pm


I know what you mean. I was trying to take loads of different supplements to try and get a range of vits whilst avoiding the healthy foods that had them in , because I was tryingto avoid choline and its relatives. It was making me go a bit neurotic timing all these different supplements to try and aid absorbtion and in the end I had to give up.

Now Im trying to eat healthily but eating smaller portions than I would normally (apart from fish and eggs and red meat and lecithin chocolate stuff). I have decided that if in the future I was in a position to not have to work around a lot of people (like I currently do,) but I had bad health, I would really regret that I had starved my body of nutrients, so Im trying to suffer the comments now with the hope that it wont be forever, and if we sort out this condition I can at least look forward to a healthy old age!.....

On the subject of fish/ fish oil/ omega 3.....did anyone try eating fresh water and non-fresh water fish and see if there was a difference? Apparently we can eat one type quite freely but avoiding other? I havent dared touch fish since diagnosis. This post just reminded me that we are supposed to be able to sill eat fish but I cant remember anyone saying that they found it okay?
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