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Re: Some advice needed pls

Postby Maisie » Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:57 pm

Hi Kitty, I felt a lot less smelly on Friday morning so I'll make that meal again. I'll put it on the diet section later if someone else wants to try it. My fingers used to smell of onions all the time. It was suggested on another site that it's foods with sulphur in them that cause this so I tried to cut these out but it's virtually impossible to do as it's in so many things and the body does need it. What I have cut out are onions and garlic but I'm not sure if this makes any difference sometimes, you certainly loose a lot of the flavour in a meal without them! In my meal on Thursday I used a small piece of a leek to give it some flavour. I know from what you've said in your posts that you do eat garlic. Do you eat onions as well? It makes you wonder why we bother sometimes, it seems whatever we eat or cut out, we still smell! :cry: Maisie x
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Re: Some advice needed pls

Postby kittycat » Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:14 pm

I think you were right about the sulfur Maisie...the mixture of tomatoes and chickpeas in the soup must have made my fingers smell of onion, as the only onion and garlic were in the ready-made stock I use......Perhaps then the lamb over-load pushed me over the edge...This week I purposely ate a pork chop on Saturday, and squid on the palms smell of fish...I think all the supps in the world won't help me, it's living mainly on bland carbs like chiabatta, potatoes and pasta, keeps my odour to a minimum..At least with all the reading and researching on the forums has lead me to this I can retire now! :D love kittycatxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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